Friday 26 May 2017

How to assemble a treadmill

I have a treadmill here and today I am going to show you how to put it together. This is a sprint nine treadmill, and yours will be similar with some slight differences. So, we have a base with a running belt, legs, and the console.

I will tell you how to attach the legs. The main problem here is the wiring. A wire goes through the whole leg and it’s quite short so you may easily get it lost in the process. A tip is simple, it’s isolating tape. Get a little bit of it and secure it around one end of the connector. Then fasten it to the leg. What we have now is a long wire, which won’t get lost. 

When you’re done with it we can move on to attaching the leg to the base. All you have to do is to make the connections properly. Just attach the connections, and when you hear them click you know that you’ve finished. After you attach, you can just pull the wire and hide it. Now we can attach the leg with bolts. I always start the bolts finger-tight and then with an allen key push them up. They must be nice and tight in order to avoid any noises. 

And now we can attach the console. For this part I need a hand, this is a two-person job. Make sure that the connections are done in the right way. The pins need to be nice and straight. The procedure here is the same as with the connectors at the bottom. Just push and listen to the click. Hide the excess wires into the leg and put the bolts in. 

Then use an allen key to tighten them up. Attach the remote control, just push and click. Place the wires correctly so they won’t be damaged when you will be screwing the remote control. Don’t make it too tight because it’s plastic and we don’t want to damage it.

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