Saturday 13 May 2017

How to correctly set up a spin bike/indoor cycle

This is an indoor studio bike. I’m just going to tell you some basic tips how to set the machine, how to look after it, and how to avoid some injuries.
In this particular bike there is a problem with pedaling. When I start pedaling the front wheel starts turning and gets lots of movement. This means that even when I stop pedaling the pedals continue to rotate. There is no clutch. Some people like to come out of saddle and start working on the machine really hard just to give it the most effort. However, it can become really problematic if something becomes loose.
There are couple of things you need to check. Just make sure they are nice and tight. The first one is seat. There are two adjustments here. The one that is right under the seat makes it move forwards and backwards. It has to be nice and tight. In case of this spin bike, you have this lever, which you can pull down and tighten up a bit. Just to make sure it’s nice and secure.
There are also a couple of bolts underneath the seat. You may need to tighten them up a bit every now and then. You may use a spanner for that. Usually it goes with the machine or you can use your own one. It’s very easy to do. You just need to make sure that the ear is nice and level. Just put it in the position which feels appropriate for you. And tighten the bolts up to ensure that the seat is nice and won’t rotate.
There is one more seat adjustment on this bike. When you unscrew this handle, and pull it you will be able to change the height of the seat. Just set up the necessary height and. make sure the pop pin clicks in. There’s a little peg which goes into a hole on the side tee and you will hear when it goes in. After that, you can just tighten that knob up and that’s all nice and tight.
We have a similar arrangement here on the handlebars. , You have the handlebar rake. It has the similar kind of ratchet to the seat., So you can put it into the position which is comfortable for you. Once it’s placed make sure it’s nice and tight. Finally, we’ve got this adjustment here. When you unscrew and pull it you can change the height of the handlebars. When you hear that pop pin click into the hole you know it’s engaged. Then you just tighten it up. Now your handlebars are nice and tight. All of that means that when you come to use the bike now you’re going to be nice and safe then you’re not going to have any injuries.
If you see anything worn during this process, you can find replacement spin bike parts here such as knobs, pop pins, brakes, straps and cages. 

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