Monday 22 May 2017

How to maintain your cross trainer

I have a cross trainer here and I am just going to tell some tips on how to look after your machine. I also have different cleaning products you can use to maintain it. You may need to do this after 6 or 12 months of using the machine.
We’ve got a selection of light lubricants. What we have here is WD-40 and Gibbs. Both are very good lubricants which can be used for general purpose. The next is threadlock, This one is particularly good when it comes to securing nuts and bolts. They can become loose over time. We’ve got some lithium grease and the three-in-one oil or sewing machine or bicycle chain oil that kind of things you’d have around your garage. I’ll show you where we put that. And finally, the product which is often forgotten. These are wipes. These are wet, antibacterial wipes that are used to remove all sorts of deposits off the machine. So, after each time you’ve used the machine you should give it a wipe over. Use it on the most problematic areas of the machine. So pay attention to the arms of the trainer, columns, and stems, the top of the skis, and down in the base.
Now the Gibbs and WD-40. Use these ones ONLY on the bearings and the adjusters. Just put a bit of the lubricant on the bearings or the adjusters every 6 to 12 months and it will invigorate them. Don’t use too much, because the excesses will fall on the floor. You can also use it in the base of the machine.. If you don’t have those, then chain oil for bicycle will do equally good job. It’s a bit thicker so you may have problems with the bearings but the effect is the same. In case of some cross trainers can put that on slide way. So sometimes machine has this adjustment mechanism here. Pop it out and let’s use the Gibbs on this one. Just spray it over, not too much and then you pop it back in and tighten it up. Wipe away the excess with your cleaning cloth.
Now the treadlock. This is, an industrial product for nuts and bolts. .These bolts in the column have tendency to become loose over time. So just pop a bit of the treadlock over it and then tighten it up. good It’s good to keep those kind of fixings.
And now the grease. It’s very good for pivots, sliding pivots such as these one here. We’ve got a lot of load on the shaft, so put a little bit of grease and reassemble. That will keep any noises away, clean the excess away with the wipe. That’s the sort of thing that you need to do every 6 or 12 months and it will keep the machine at the top of the order.
Please remember NEVER use those kind of lubricants on a treadmill belt, because they would damage it. 

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