Thursday 11 May 2017

How to maintain your spin bike, studio cycle

This is an indoor studio bike and today I will tell you how to take care of it. So the biggest killer of indoor studio bike is corrosion. Corrosion happens mainly because of perspiration. So imagine that you been using the machine for 45 minutes. Either with the instructor in class or watching a video. Anyway you’ve been sweating over the machine and that causes a number of threats. That sweat goes onto the machine it can go inside the frame, it can get past the paint and cause corrosion. But luckily there’s an easy way to avoid this, All you have to do is to give the machine a quick clean after you use it. I suggest using something like gym wipes. They are antibacterial and are already wet. They’re designed to remove sweat and waxy fatty deposits. So just give the machine of a quick wipe, Clean all the places that are likely to catch the most of the sweat. , so Particularly, the front area and perhaps down on the flywheel. It will look tidy as well as keeping the rest away. Also pay particular attention to these places down here and the legs. This is the place from which the corrosion usually starts. Sweats gathers in this place. So just give it a quick wipe. Also pay attention to the pedals. Check them for any wears. You may also want to check those adjusters. Make sure that they’re nice and tight. This is basically all you have to do to make sure that this bike will give you the maximum life and it’ll be trouble-free.

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