Sunday 18 May 2014

DOMYOS TC 530 Treadmill Control Board

                                                 Domyos TC 530 Treadmill Motor Board

Type TD boards for Domyos treadmill are available at our eShop

York Support - KXTL-230 Board


Controller like the KXTL-230 but more powerful and made in EU

Advantages of the boards are:
- Fuse protection on motor
- Higher quality
- Availability of spare parts in case of subsequent failures

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Reebook Assistance | KXTL Board - 230 Reebok

The board for a Reebok treadmill is compatible with the motor controller used for the York treadmills.

DKN Parts: PF902 Motor Control Board

Replacement kit for motor control boards: PF 901, PF 902 and PF903 (DKN, BH Fitness, Carnielli; First Power).

PF Board for DKN - RUNTECH 2.5
For information or to buy DKN parts please contact us at our e-shop .

BH Fitness Treadmill service | Changing Steps for Switch C8J Motor to B1K, Exclusive for X-fit-2

Endex, Power First, Lieo Treadmill Controller, Digital concept treadmill controllers errors | Treadmill errors E1, E4, E7

1.    Treadmill Error Code E1
Description: System is not receiving the feedback of speed

Solution 1: Check the speed sensor if it is damaged or well fixed; the speed sensor has to be fixed at where it closest to the magnet within 2=3mm.

Solution 2: Check the signal cable of speed sensor if it is well connected to the controller. To solve the problem, please reconnect the signal cable to the controller.

In case both solution fails, means there is a problem on the sensor (check this blog for more information or buy on our eshop the replacement treadmill speed sensor), on the treadmill motor and/or controller board, which may need to be replaced

2.    Treadmill Error Code E4

i.    Description: Heart rate is not read from the heart rate sensors
ii.    Solution 1: Please remove the safety key and attach it again to restart the treadmill.

Solution2: First make sure your hands are moist when you use the handpulse. Handpulse don't work properly with completely dry skin. If this keep not working properly, dry your hands and check the cables on the back of the console. Make sure all connectors at the back of console are properly connected and no wires are damaged.

Please contact us for replacement parts

3.    Error Code E6
i.    Description: Too much load on treadmill incline motor. The bearing of incline motor lack of lubrication.
ii.    Solution: Enter the engineering mode and check the ADC readout or check if wires are well connected.
Incline motor may need to be replaced. Contact us for more information.

4.    Error Code E7
i.    Description: Incline error(ADC readout off limit)
ii.    Solution: Enter the engineering mode and check the ADC readout or check if wires are well connected.
Incline motor may need to be replaced. Contact us for more information.

V-Fit service, Quantum repair, Carl Lewis treadmill repair | Treadmill Drive Motor replacement

Treadmill motor replacement steps

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Some parts you can find on our website
  1. Running/Walking Belt for treadmill
  2. Treadmill safety key 
  3. Treadmill drive belt  
  4. Speed sensor for treadmill 
  5. Treadmill running deck
  6. Treadmill controller 220 to 240 VAC input (Europe / Asia / Australia) 
  7. Treadmill controllers 110-120 VAC input (North America)
  8. Treadmill motor
  9. Treadmill motor parts, brushes, holders, fans
  10. Transformers, chokes, breakers, cables

Nordick Track service, Reebok treadmill repair, Dynamix treadmill maintenance | Console removal and replacement

Before replacing the display, make sure that all connections are connected properly and completely. This includes in the back of the display, where the handlebar and the handlebar post are attached and where the post is inserted into the base.

Please note malfunctioning in the display is very uncommon, so please make sure this is the defecive component. 

If the display console is still not operating properly, replace the display by removing the 4 Phillips head screws on the back of the console, carefully disconnecting the wiring harnesses and then pushing them back into the display.

Note: please check to make sure that the display works properly before fastening the 4 screws.

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Controller Board removal and replacement | Strengthmaster treadmill service, Carl Lewis treadmill repair

Prerequisite: Motor Hood Removal (see this blog for more information)

A.    Make sure that the power cord is disconnected and remove all of the wires connected on the controller board.

Note: This will require that you remove the glue holding the wires and connectors in place. Be careful not to damage any of the wires or pull the wire from the connector.

B.    Once all of the wires are removed, raise the treadmill to folding position then loosen the 2 screws fastening controller board on bottom deck.

C.    Before putting the new controller in place, apply the white lubricant.
D.    Put the new controller board in position and while align the screws position with the hole in the frame. Tighten screws to fasten controller securely.
E.    Reconnect all the treadmill wire connectors.

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Saturday 17 May 2014

Maxxus Treadmill Service, Marcy Treadmill Service, Body Sculpture Treadmill Service | Speed Sensor removal and replacement

Prerequisite: Step 1 Motor Hood Removal (check this blog)

Treadmill Speed sensor removal Steps:
A.    Remove the speed sensor by pull it out but first maybe have to remove the adhesive between sensor and socket holder.

B.    Remove the wire connection with control board.

Note1: This connector will be glued on, to ensure that is not come loose. Carefully remove the glue on the connector.
Note2: There are one or two magnets mounted on the treadmill front roller pulley. The speed pickup clicks each time these magnets pass over the tops of the switch. Check to make sure that these magnets are present before removing the speed sensor.

Treadmill Speed sensor replacement steps:
A.    Connect the two pins connector from the speed sensor in the controller board.
(Make sure that the connector is turned the right way and pushes in securely.)
B.    Insert the sensor into the socket holder then glue to be fixed.
Note: If the speed pickup is not working properly, an E1 error will show on the display. This E1 error will occur after the treadmill starts for several seconds. If this occurs, you can pull out the speed sensor and hold the sensor closer to the magnets on the front pulley to see if the sensor begins to work.

York Treadmill Aftersales, Vision Treadmill Aftersales | Treadmill motor removal

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1. Treadmill Motor hood removal (follow the instruction provided in this blog)
2. Remove the green ground wire coming from the motor that is grounded on the Transformer mounting bolt. You will also need to cut the plastic ties that hold the wire in place.
3. Remove the red and black wires that are connected into the controller board and the ties that keep these wires in place. You will need to remove the glue that was used to reduce the chance that the connectors come loose.
Note: Where the wires are connected on the controller board and where the ties are placed.

4.    Release bolt with 14 mm wrench and take off shock absorbing spring.

5.    Loosen and remove screw which connecting motor bracket and fasten seat with 13 mm wrench.

6.    Unscrew the two 6 mm Allen Screws that attach the motor to the bracket and carefully lower the motor. You will need to pull the belt from them or pulley while lowering the motor.

Replacement Steps:
Reverse motor removal steps

Motor Hood removal and replacement | Beny Sports Treadmill Service, Trimline treadmill service

Removal Steps for treadmill motor hood:

A. Loosen 4 screws, each two screws on the right and left side of motor hood.
B. After loosening, pull up to remove the hood.
Replacement Steps:
Reverse the motor hood removal steps from B to A.

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Tempo Service | Treadmill Voltage Diagram

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Need a replacement controller? Buy it here:
  1. Treadmill controller 220 to 240 VAC input (Europe / Asia / Australia) 
  2. Treadmill controllers 110-120 
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Thursday 15 May 2014

Incorrect speed sensor connection on treadmill brands such as Carl Lewis, Roger Black, Bremshey, DKN Technology, Proform, Weslo and other major UK brands

One of the rules of good design is to make each connector different from another, to avoid confusion during assembly.

Unfortunately this is not always the case, some motor control boards mounted on some treadmill brands such as Carl Lewis, Roger Black, Bremshey, DKN Technology, Proform, Weslo and other major UK brands have an optical speed sensor with a 3-pin connector.

3-pin optical sensor

Also the incline motor signal feedback connector is composed of 3 pins, so on the TRC treadmill motor control boards... and PF... there is a possibility of error in connecting the INCLINE motor encoder into the male connection on the board which is destined  for the optical sensor (they are the same). For example on the DKN T-980, which uses the PF-906 and optical sensor.
In case of wrong connection the equipment gives an inclination error and does not operate at the correct running belt speed.

Need replacement parts?
  1.  PF-906 controller
  2.  optical treadmill speed sensor with a 3-pin connector
  3.  speed sensors (2 pin, 3 pin, 4 pin)
  4. Treadmill controllers 
  5. other parts for treadmill, exercise bikes & fitness equipment

Assistance for York, Trimline, Nordick Track, Reebok, Dynamix, V-Fit, Quantum and other major UK brands

Often finding assistance and spare parts for foreign brands of treadmill (York, Trimline, Nordick Track, Reebok, Dynamix, V-Fit, Quantum and other major UK brands) or brands no longer on the market can be complicated.
Parts for Treadmill is capable of providing spare parts for these models thanks to contacts with a number of suppliers in the UK and abroad as well as advising multi-service centers that can repair treadmills, bikes and cross trainers.

Pulse Power System | Lake Forest | Johnson Treadmill Motor Control Board

Pulse Power System Treadmill Motor Control Board

High quality boards MADE IN USA. Visit us at for an estimate for a new board or for a repair.

Sunday 11 May 2014

PMDC Treadmill Motor

PMDC stands for Permanent Magnet Direct Current motor.

It is the most widely used type of motor in home treadmills as it is very versatile and the voltage is easily adjustable. 

Purchase replacement treadmill motors at our store 

Support for treadmill belts such as York & Trimline| Replacing the belt

                                                        A running belt in need of replacement

Don’t let your treadmill end up damaged like the one above by overusing the existing running belt.
How to buy the right replacement belt?
First of all, check if the measurements are written on the back (the white part), it is often already shown (printed in ink).
If they are not there, you do NOT need to remove the walking belt from the treadmill.
Use a tape measure, and fetch some pieces of scotch tape, mark the starting point and begin to measure the walking belt. As you proceed you will have to extend the tape. If the tape is too short, mark the treadmill belt with scotch tape or a piece of chalk.
Measure the whole running belt in this way and then buy directly from our site
replacement belts for home use treadmills at the most convenient price.