Wednesday 24 December 2014

Endex Motor Board Connection to treadmill

2 pin speed sensor motor  [red]
3 pin inclination encoder [blue]
5 and 7 pin connection console (power + commands) [pink]


2 x AC (220V input)
2 M x (m + / m-) current output DC motor
3 x UP / COM / DOWN tilt motor power (220V AC)

Why does treadmill belt go crooked or wear out?

Usually, it is an adjustment problem. After installation (and if used regularly) the belt should be adjusted (see instructions on the blog).

If when adjusting the rear roller you are unable to keep the belt in the centre, check if the front roller is fully aligned.

In some cases, despite the belt being aligned both at the front and behind you notice that it moves through use. In this case, you should check first if the treadmill is well aligned on the floor. If it is, the problem is normally due to the user not walking in the centre or pushing more with one foot, tending to move the tape from one side or the other.

Poor maintenance and lubrication or worn tape tend to accentuate movements during the workout.

Replacement controller MA 500 with Endex controller

Controller MA500

2 pin connector = speed sensor - sensor 2 pin speed
7 pin connector JA = console data - to console
M- = faston connector to the black motor cable 
M + = faston connector to the red  motor cable 
faston connectors AC = Connection line input 220VAC

faston inclination connectors UP / DOWN / COM = inclination motor connection 
3 pin data connector = inclination motor encoder 
5 pin data connector = data for inclination console
Replacement board for MA 500

2 pin connector = speed sensor - 2 pin speed sensor 

7 pin connector = console data  - to console = corresponds to conn. JA

M- = faston connector to the black motor cable 
M + = faston connector to the red motor cable
faston connectors AC line input connection = 220VAC (ACN = neutral ACL = line)

faston connectors tilt UP / DOWN / COM = inclination motor connection 

3 pin data connector = inclination motor encoder 
5 pin data connector = data for inclination console

horizon treadmill motor control board and others

Tuesday 21 October 2014

Connecting a treadmill motor control board (Endex)

The signal cables are all different from each other and cannot be mistaken, it is the faston cables that require more attention

M+  connect to the main red motor
M-  connect to the main black motor
ACL / ACN connect to the input of the alternating current network

And the three incline motor fastons
white COM
red UP
black DOWN

Saturday 18 October 2014

Quick troubleshooting on treadmill error codes

Please check this guide

And read it together with the blog.

Usually, the error on the console means a "status". I.e. E1 = I don't get speed signal? Then if there is no signal but the treadmill starts turning and then stops after 10 secs. it's a speed sensor problem if it doesn't start at all is usually a broken mcb problem, if it stops after some minutes working with load, but it doesn't stop without load, it's motor.

Some treadmills report E2 or E3 instead of E1 but the logic behind is the same

E6/E7 are usually incline motor problems

E0 or blank console is usually safety key missing.

Some treadmills show communication error (E9 or other). This is common on mcb with 4 pins connection cable to console (rx / tx style). Those are related to cabling, or broken console/ controller.

Saturday 4 October 2014

Difference between Icon MC2100E REV. B - Icon MC2100E REV. C - ICON MC2100E REV. D and Icon MC2100ELS

Icon MC2100E REV. B, Icon MC2100E REV. C and ICON MC2100E REV. D are same controllers. Connectors are the same and they are 100% fully compatible with each other.
REV. D is the last manufactured controller and it's currently still in production as a replacement for old controllers. Anyway, it doesn't comply with Energy Saving Directive (Erp) so it's not possible to use it in new treadmills on the European market.

MC2100E Rev C controller. Crossed connections of external transformer
Icon MC2100 ELS is the new controller used on most of Proform, Weslo and Nordick Track treadmills. It's 100% compatible with the former controllers Icon MC2100E REV. B, Icon MC2100E REV. C and ICON MC2100E REV. D. It's also fully compliant with Erp Directive and a switching transformer is integrated in the controller.

MC2100 ELS controller. Crossed switching transformer
As you can see from pictures, there are some layout improvements but the main connectors are exactly the same as the former controllers, except the connectors for transformer.

When replacing 2100E with 2100ELS please note that those connectors are for an external transformer, the new controller has an integrated transformer so you don't need to connect it again.
The old external transformer may be removed from treadmill.

Please note it is OK to replace MC2100E (rev B, rev C or rev D) with MC2100ELS, but it's not possible to make the opposite (replace a 2100ELS with a 2100E).

Need an MC2100 controller? Buy here MC2100 controllers (convenient compatible controllers available)

Wednesday 17 September 2014

Treadmill motor compatible with Icon PMDC Icon Motor (original code 243340, 295730, 215392, C3364)

Turdan is the worldwide known manufacturer of treadmill motors. The company, founded in 1992, is the reliable supplier of the most famous treadmill manufacturers.

Replacement Icon PMDC Motor

Turdan, in cooperation with Treadmill Parts has developed a high quality MADE IN TAIWAN treadmill motor with 2.9 HP (treadmill duty). This motor is the perfect replacement for Icon 243340, 295730,  215392 and C3364. You can buy it on

Icon PMDC 243340, 295730, 215392, C3364
Thanks to Turdan engineering, the original motor specs have been upgraded, in order to guarantee high performance and reliability. The motor housing is completely metallic, to increase heat dissipation. Magnets are high quality Turdan, to avoid the frequent problems on original Icon PMDC motors.
Motor Turdan compatible with Icon PMDC 130V


1. Remove the motor fan from the old motor
2. Remove the flywheel from the old motor (unscrew it)
3. Install the flywheel on Turdan replacement motor
4. Install the fan on Turdan replacement motor
5. Connect motor black cable to A- and red cable on A+
6. Connect grounding cable
7. Connect blue thermal protection switch
    After installation, follow the instructions below to avoid damage to the motor as a replacement.

    1. Regularly lubricate the running deck
    2. Always start with your feet on the side rails (FIRST start the tape at 1km / h )
    3. If possible, keep a walking speed over 5km / h After training, check if the motor overheats .
    4. If the motor reaches 45 ° C verify the correct installation and maintenance.
    Technical improvements on the original motor:
    Icon PMDC motor compatible with improved thermal protection

    1. Grounding cable has been added to improve user safety
    2. More sensible thermal protection to reduce overheating risk
    3. Fixing holes on motor, ready for fast installation
    4. Metal housing for increase heat dissipation
    5. High quality powerful Turdan permanent magnets

    Saturday 23 August 2014

    High-Tec Running Belt for treadmill: technical specifications

    High-Tech belt designed for superior performance on professional and fitness centre equipment. 

    Top cover: PVC
    Colour: Black
    Total thickness [mm] 1,7
    Weight [kg/m 2 ] 1,7
    D min 30
    Elongation pull [N/mm] 9

    Standard sizes available at

    Commercial equipment running belts
    Home use walking/running belts

    2,5 mm - 2,2 mm and 2,8 mm thickness tailor made size running belts available on request.

    Friday 22 August 2014

    Treadmill repair parts

    Looking for treadmill repair parts? For major brands such as Trimline, Proform, Nordic Track, or Reebok as well as lesser known ranges? Do you need to replace your running belt or walking deck? Does your treadmill need repairing or a service? Can’t find your treadmill safety key? Is there an error in your console? Is your motor giving you grief?
    Look no more! Parts for treadmill carry a wide range of replacement parts for exercise bikes and treadmills both major brands and independents. The store is easy to navigate and tailored customer service is readily available. Finding the right parts for your fitness equipment should be quick and easy. So should fixing issues, we also run a blog for diagnosing and solving treadmill errors and faults as well as maintenance guides so you may not need to buy anything.

    Treadmill motor controller

    A motor controller is a device managing the performance of an electric motor. In commercial treadmills, most of the motors are AC motors and the controller is an inverter, so that the regulation of motor speed is based on current frequency. Home use controllers are based on PWM technique (Pulse Width Modulation). In this case, the speed regulation of the motor is based on output voltage (higher voltage for higher speed).  There are different models of treadmill motor controllers used in the home fitness equipment industry. The most common brands are: Endex, AsTek, Sunway. Other brands are Greenmaster, Shanghai eWay, Motordriver, LIEO.  When it comes to replacing it may be difficult to find the replacement part if you don't rely on a supplier with wide variety and extensive experience in this specific field. Treadmill Parts is the most complete one-stop shop for purchasing of treadmill spare parts. You can find at the following link the treadmill motor controllers catalogue

    Controller Longverve

    Treadmill motors

    The motor is an integral part of the treadmill that allows it to function correctly. Commercial Treadmill motors are heavy duty AC motors and they almost never require replacement. The most common motor type used in home fitness equipment is
      • Great torque
      • Comes with 2 wires to the motor
      • Includes brushes and flywheel with bracket.
      • range from 80-120VDC but as high as 260VDC.
      • Variable voltage and speed.
      • Some come with 2 additional blue wires that are part of a thermal protective circuit.
    Depending on the motor size and quality and on usage, maintenance such as brushes replacement has to be done on regular basis. Sometimes the motor has to be replaced, especially when it has been overheated due to heavy use. Need a replacement motor or motor brushes? Browse motors here:

    Treadmill belt replacement

    Is your treadmill running belt worn, ripped or curling up around the edges? Does it slow down when weight is applied to it during your workout? If so, it probably needs replacing! It’s worth checking the lubrication and the wear of the deck beforehand, if it shows sign of wear it may need replacing the walking deck as well as the running belt.
    Check on our blog to see how easily you can replace running belt and running deck.
    On our treadmill parts shop you’ll find most common high-quality commercial grade belt types for machines such as Proform, Reebok, Quantum, Roger Black and many other brands. We can also deliver tailor-made running belts. Treadmills can cost up to £1,000, so why not just replace the running belt for a fraction of the cost? For more information please visit our Treadmill parts website.

    Treadmill safety key

    Treadmill safety keys are very important and even vital part of treadmill operation. If you use a treadmill without a safety key you run the risk of extreme damage to yourself. If you fall down during workout, the treadmill will keep running and this could be very dangerous. Most of the treadmills will stop and show an error code if used without it.

    Most keys are magnetic and there are a variety of keys available that fit many machines such as Epic, Healthrider, Reebok, FreeMotion, Nordictrack and many other treadmills brands. If you have children, it’s better to remove safety key from treadmill, so that they won’t use it without adult supervision. Need a safety key for your treadmill? You can find more information on our Treadmill parts website.

    Wednesday 20 August 2014

    Spin bike Slide | Exercise Bike Slide

    The following guide can be used for spin bikes or exercise bikes.
    Buy from our online store belts for bikes, cranks, brake pads and spin bike cranksets.

    Description of the problem.

    • Incorrect belt positioning
    • belt slipping.
    • noisy transmission 


    Check alignment CROWN FLYWHEEL (Belt Line)
    Check belt tension

    _disassemble the pedals
    _ disassemble caps to release the central 

    _Adjust the caps of the bottom bracket (tightening to the right and unscrewing to the left) in order to align the crown to the flywheel.

    _Close the bracket and by tightening the caps.
    _Reattach the pedals
    _ Reattach the belt and check the alignment by turning the pedals. Make sure that the belt remains in the in place.

    _ Unscrew the nuts of the flywheel and put tension on the belt with the unhooked tensioner

    _ Secure the flywheel nuts.
    _ Install the spring and put tension on the belt tensioner adjusting the nut

    Weekly treadmill maintenance

    Belt lubrication and cleaning for the upkeep of electric treadmills
    Maintenance on a weekly or fortnightly basis
    In the event of faults visit our blog for information on treadmill repair or contact a service centre

    treadmill maintenance
    For the lubrication of your treadmill used only 100% silicone treadmill oil spray and avoid products that use additives and petroleum distillates. 
    The icon shown in fi g.1 will appear to guide you how to lubricate the running deck. 
    After lubricating, press the reduce speed button and reduce incline at the same time the icon will disappear from the display. 
    The icon shown in fig.2 will appear for one minute after turning on the treadmill to remind you to carry out the monthly checks and cleaning of the deck. 
    After performing the maintenance, by pressing the decrease speed and reduce incline together the icon will disappear from the display. 

    Note: You must follow the directions and the service intervals in the manual because the icons are only indicative 

    To ensure a long life and maximum efficiency of your treadmill you must persevere with the routine maintenance. In addition to what is stated in the manual, you should follow the following steps. 

    Before proceeding, make sure the treadmill is turned off and unplugged from the mains. Fold the tool into a vertical position.

    Each week:
    Remove dust deposits, dirt or traces of sweat marks with a damp cloth. Do not use detergents under the walking belt. Do not pour water or let moisture in between the edge of the display panel and the console.

    Every 20 hours of operation or at least every two weeks:
    The degree of lubrication of the running deck, must be greasy to the touch. If the deck is dry proceed to lubricate according to the guidelines of the instruction manual:
    - Lift the left edge of the belt
    - Lubricate with two squirts through the canister of
    treadmill oil spray
    - apply the lubricant onto the lower part of the belt (see diagram), do not apply it on the black rubber running surface!
    - After lubrication remove any excess silicone that could have been deposited to the side of the belt, or on the frame
    - Try to spray the treadmill lubricant as close as possible to the centre of the deck.
    - Start the machine and walk a few minutes at low speed (3-4 km / h) to distribute the lubricant evenly over the entire surface of the deck

    Monthly treadmill maintenance

    Each month:

    Turn off the treadmill and wait at least 60 seconds, remove the side screws and lift the motor casing. Wait until all the red LEDs are completely turned off.
    Clean the motor and the area underneath. If it is not cleaned adequately it can impair the functioning of the machine.
    Wipe or vacuum any dust that has accumulated through use. Inspect the belt to check that there is no excessive wear.
    Regularly inspect the components of the support structure for verification that the mounting screws are not loose, and tighten if necessary. They are available at the following link
    consumable parts for the maintenance of the treadmill (walking belt, running belt, lubricant).

    lubrication of the treadmill

    Regular lubrication can prevent excessive wear on the motor and motor control board which may lead to breakage after a short while. Although the base comes lubricated from the manufacturer, it is a good idea to lubricate when you use it for the first time, in case it has dried between the time of manufacture and the time of purchase. Moreover, it is always a good idea to lubricate it when the tool has not been used for many months (for example in the summer period). It is recommended, eventually to avoid over-lubricating, the accumulation of lubricant in fact tarnishes the tape and does not bring any benefits.

    The maintenance of a treadmill is a task that must be performed regularly, but not excessively.

    Note: Unplug the power cord before removing the motor cover.

    Note: When performing the lubrication underneath, make sure the treadmill is placed on a surface that is easy to clean. After lubricating the bottom of the treadmill, wipe the excess silicone off the mat and frame. The silicone spray Silic One can also be used to lubricate the metal parts as it gives shine and prevents the formation of rust.

    Tuesday 12 August 2014

    Friday 8 August 2014

    Treadmill Belt: how do you take the right size for a replacement

    Taking the size of the running belt (also called walking belt or walking bed) is not always easy. Here you can find some suggestions how to take it in the right way.

    Preliminary notes

    1) The size of belts is almost always meant in mm  (1 inch =25.4 millimeters)
    2) The suppliers refer to belt size as installed at nominal tension (approx. 1-1.1 lbs).
    3) It's always good to take the belt size when it's installed in the treadmill. In fact the regulation position is as much important as the belt size.
    4) Beware of the size written on the user manual. Most of the time it's the running area or it's wrong.
    5) Belts standard stretch 1-1.5% after installation but could stretch more after long usage.
    6) All treadmills have regulations so that different length belts can be used. Most of commercial treadmills have double regulation (a front regulation in addition to the rear one)

    How to take the size of your running belt

    a) stick some adhesive tape on the belt (rubber side) or use a pen on the back of the belt (texture side) to mark the starting position.
    b) use a flexible meter and take the size from the starting position until you can. Add another mark on the belt.
    d) move the belt and do again b) until you take the total length of the belt.

    Usually, home belts are 2100 to 3000 mm, commercial 2800 to 3550 mm length. So to make it easy I mark the belt every 1 meter (1000 mm).

    Now check the belt regulation bolts, by removing one of both the end caps

    i) if everything is ok, the two regulation bolts should be in a very similar position
    ii) the regulation bolts are 50 to 70 mm long, this allows you to use very different belts (up to 100/140 mm). In fact, each mm of regulation of the bolt is 2 mm of belt length difference (since it's double sided).
    iii) the belt should have at least 1 cm left for back regulation

    Finally choose the right belt

    Look on our treadmill belts shop for the standard sizes. Find the ones nearer to your size. Choose the best according to the actual bolt position.
    Buy here quality replacement parts for treadmills:
    Running/Walking Belt for treadmill (home use)
    Treadmill running belt (clubs/gyms)

    Full list of available parts:

    Saturday 2 August 2014

    Treadmill error e1

    when turning on the machine, when no-one is on the belt, when  pressing  START (or Quick Start).
    1,1 The monitor begins to count down from 3 to 0, the belt DOES NOT START, and the error E1 appears after 5 seconds.
    1.1.1 Is it new? Yes. Check connections Technician (motor, motor board) No. Lubrication Can you hear the motor turning?
    Yes, There is a problem with the belt or its tension, or the belt roller is disengaged.
    Technician: Check belt.
    No. Technician (motor, motor board)
    1,2 The monitor begins to count down from 3 to 0, the belt STARTS and the error E1 appears after 5/10 seconds.
    1.2.1 Is it new? Yes. Check connections Technician (speed sensor, motor board) No. The error always appears Check speed sensor, in rarer cases, the motor The error only appears when the user gets on the machine? Lubrication
    Technician (engine, motor board)
    1,3 The monitor begins to count down from 3 to 0, the belt STARTS and the error E1 appears after a while.
    1.3.1 Is it new? Yes. Check connections Technical (speed sensor, motor card) No The error only appears when the user gets on the machine?
    No. Technician (speed sensor, motor card) The overload switch  (red / black near the power) is turned off? Lubrication Technician (speed sensor, motor, motor board)

    Saturday 26 July 2014

    treadmill repair guide

    Most common treadmill problems repair & troubleshooting guide.



    ERRORS E6, E7

    ERRORS E2, E4


    Non constant. Jerky movement.
    Accelerates by itself.
    the belt slows down, stops or the speeds drops when the user steps on it
    the belt veers to the right/left.
    the belt has a fold.
    the belt stops, but the front roller continues to turn.
    the belt is worn out.
    Light continued noise coming from the back.
    Intermittent metallica noise (clack-clack).
    A ticking or whistling noise