Thursday 11 May 2017

How to set up a vibration plate machine

I have a vibration plate machine here and you can see that there is a problem with it. To be precise, it swings a lot. You can see that the machine is not stable if I tilt it. And the problem here is that the machine itself is going to vibrate when you use it. If the machine is unstable it will slap the floor and it will cause you or your neighbors some problems. Especially, if you’re in a house or a flat. This can also cause a lot of damage to the floor and the building. This can also become a problem if the floor in your flat is uneven. But, luckily, the manufacturer provided us with a solution to this problem. You can level the vibration plate before you start using it. Let’s tip it over and take a look. So here we have 3 feet with rubber on them. The rubber is here to keep the machine in a fixed position while it’s working. There are also two additional feet here. All the feet are adjustable. So you can change them as you want. To do so you have to screw it out or in. So I will just take a look at these and check why we have that wobbling. The floor in this room is quite even so let’s check the feet for the problems, I see that there is a problem with this feet here. I can get two fingers here, between the base and the rubber. In case with other feet I can get there only one finger. So this one is too far. It’s pretty easy to fix it. I have just to screw it in. Put it at the same position as the rest of the feet. It looks fine. And other feet also seem to be ok. So I am just going to turn it over and see if it helped. It looks much better now but still there’s a bit of movement there. So I will just adjust this one side which seems to be a bit problematic. I will just screw it down until it touches the carpet. And now it looks perfect. That’s nice and steady. Now I will just lock it and tighten it. As long as I keep this machine in this position that will be just fine. If you need to move the machine to another place you’ll just need to make some adjustments again. But I know that when I use it it’s gonna be nice and solid on the floor,. I’m not going to get any unnecessary noise caused by the machine bagging against floor. This is going to protect the machine itself and also importantly it’s not going to disturb the neighbors.

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