Friday 17 December 2021

Error 60 on a treadmill: how to solve it?

 From the video, we note that the error code is error code 60, which on this model, represents incline motor error.


To solve the problem please calibrate the treadmill 1. Long press “START” key and “SPEED UP (+)” key at the same time when the treadmill is switched on or at the standby mode to enter the “ENGINEERING 1” mode 2. Press “ENTER” key until you see the “LEVEL” option 3. Press “START” key to begin calibration. Please do not stand on the treadmill when calibration starts. In the following video we will show the full procedure. 

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Thursday 25 November 2021

Kettler Run Error Table

Below are highlighted the errors that can be run into for kettler Run tapis, and the related diagnostic and resolution systems.


Monday 6 September 2021

Testing of a treadmill controller (working)


In this video we can see one of the testing phases of a treadmill controller. The customer sent for testing and the outcome is that the controller is OK (so the problem on the treadmill is some other component).
If you are interested in having your treadmill controller tested professionally you can visit this website:

Wednesday 7 July 2021

How to find out the size for a drive belt when you don't have it anymore or it has been totally destroyed

 The easiest way to know the right replacement for your drive belt is to read the codes and tell them to specialists which will return the right item for you to purchase.

When you can't read the code you can measure the belt. 

When the belt is missing you need to get a cooking twine or similar

Standard setup of a bike

Here we can see the standard setup of a bike. As you can see there's a tension controller to keep the belt tensioned in the right way

You should make a round around the big pulley and the small one (green) with your cooking twine and so you will know the size required. Send this information to a specialist to know the right model.

Discover at the following links more information about drive belts

Exercise Bike drive belts

Treadmill drive belts:

Multi groove drive belts for gym and high end home use equipment

Wednesday 9 June 2021

How to use wavy washers to install a new treadmill motor when the drive belt looks too short


We can see how a wavy washer can help us to adjust the distance between the motor and its bracket. By this way, adjusting the drive belt becomes easier.

Using a sticky tape is useful to put more than one wavy washer. We need to put together and join them with a little bit of sticky tape.


Monday 4 January 2021

Calibration SCHWINN 510T (eway B407 controller)

 Every time a MCB get replaced we need to calibrate the new MCB.

 During the calibration process also the incline will be adjusted and calibrated.