Friday 5 May 2017

Top tip for fixing a squeaking cross trainer

I’ve prepared for you a few tips that will help you stop noisy squeaking on your cross trainer. So, cross trainers can make some noise and cracks. Sometimes it is difficult to locate those and often you just have to tighten something up to fix the problem, but today’s tip is about this front pivot of the machine. This is the lower part of the arm where it attaches to the ski where your foot goes and the problem that you might get is that you get a little squeaking noise with every turn of the ski. It is just a kind of thing that gets really annoying. So using the machine all the time you’ve got this noise going on once every circle. It is quite difficult to locate the problem because you can’t hear the sound once you get off the trainer. So the tip is to have a look at this fixing here, at the lower part where the arm attaches to the ski. You can do two things here. The first is to tighten it up and sometimes it will fix the problem. However, in other cases, you have to do completely opposite thing and slightly loosen it, just a quarter-turn of half-turn. As a result, the fixing will just relax a bit and the problem will disappear. And this is very effective fixing. But it can only be done if you have a nyloc nut here, because of their design. Nyloc nuts are designed in such way that they can’t be undone. And if you have a regular nut here I don’t recommend you loosen this fixing. It’s easy to say which nut you have. In case with nyloc nuts you won’t be able to remove it with your fingers and if you look closely you’ll see that there’s a little ring of nylon neoprene, just on the inside there. That is actually gripping the nut onto the bolt and you have to use a spanner and an Allen key to either tie up or undo it. So, you go top tip. Hopefully, that will be useful for you at some point to kill those particular sorts of noises.

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