Tuesday 2 May 2017

The "bulb test" on a treadmill – easily testing a treadmill controller

In this video, the user is testing a treadmill controller after being instructed by our service team. A bulb (incandescent type) is connected to M+ / M- connections of motor. Originally, the treadmill had the following problem: turning on the treadmill and pressing start, the (general) power went out.
How to do this test:
  • Disconnect the two motor power wires from the board (M+ / M-),
  • Take an incandescent bulb in a lamp holder.
  • Plug lamp holder power cable into the board instead of the engine (M+ / M-),
If when you press start, the light bulb lights up fully, it means that the board is faulty.
Correct behaviour: if bulb lights up only mildly means that the board is working properly, you can set the light by adjusting (speed + and speed – keys).
Sometimes the fault on controller is due to the engine (may originate from the belt that does not slip properly on the deck, because it's not well lubricated, it’s worn or old).
In the video we see how the lamp remains alight always with maximum brightness. We therefore assume that there is a short circuit on the board.
In this case the customer sent the engine and the board for testing using this service:

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