Thursday 25 May 2017

How to assemble a cross trainer

Today I am going to show you how to assemble a cross trainer. I will also give you some advice and tips on how to avoid possible problems. When you get your machine it will be in parts so you’ll need quite a lot of space to put them together. It will be easier if you could get some help but you can also do it alone. 

I’ve already put together a column and the legs. It’s pretty easy, just follow the manufacturer’s instruction. Now we can attach the column to the frame of the machine. You’ve got lots of movement here so you’ve got to be attentive here. The most important thing here is to get the connections properly. So make sure you put the pins in the right way and don’t bend any of them. You can hear a click if everything is done properly. 

Once you’ve done with it just slide the column onto the frame, hide the excess wires into, and put your screws into the holes. Then, tighten them up. Now we can move on to the lower leg pivots. This is pretty easy: just put a bolt through and use the spanner to tighten them up. If you want, you can lubricate them up with a little bit of grease to avoid creaking or squeaking noises of the machine. After that, we can attach the console. The main point here is to do the connections properly. Don’t bend any pins and don’t get any wires trapped. Adjust everything before putting any screws in. Start with hands and then tighten them up. 

Essentially, we’ve got the machine built now there. Finally, there’s the power cord to turn the machine on. You have to be careful of that and make sure you’ve got a nice safe route for that cable.

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