Friday, 18 October 2019

Thursday, 5 September 2019

Replacing your treadmill running belt and deck – one minute video

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Remove the motor hood and place the walking deck into the storage position. If there is a storage latch make certain that the storage latch is properly secured. Locate and remove the screws from the underside of the walking platform to remove the sidederails. Your treadmill most likely has 8. Refer to your users manual for verification. Siderails may be also sticked with double sided tape or fixed in different ways. Carefully lower the walking deck and remove the side rails. Remove the back idler bolts. Remove the back idler roller.
While turning  the drive roller by hand pull on the inside of the drive belt in order to walk it off.
Mark the exact position of the front roller if you need to unscrew any screw there. Then remove front roller. Sometimes it is not needed to remove the front roller as the belt can slide on the open side.
Remove the four screws found above each of the isolators using an allen wrench. Remove the four bolts found in each corner of the walking board. You will also need a crescent wrench.
With two people lift the walking board up and remove the running belt and the running board. Replace the walking belt. Using your allen wrench replace the bolts in each of the four
corners of the walking board. Screw the isolator screws back into place, slide the drive roller into place. Then walk the belt onto the pulley just as it was taken off, replace the idler roller,
screw the idler bolts back in and screw the side rails back on. Now put the motor hood back on. Please refer to our videos aligning the walking belt and tensioning the walking belt for any help needed while adjusting the walking belt.

Thursday, 29 August 2019

Tensioning the walking belt, running belt slipping

Over time the walking belt may begin to slip. This can happen if the belt is too loose. You can tighten the belt using an allen wrench.
When tightening the belt turn both the left and right idler bolts the same distance and direction with the belt stopped. Start by turning the idler bolts in one half turn increments followed by one quarter turns for finer adjustments.
After each adjustment, test on the treadmill. Repeat these steps until the slipping no longer occurs. DON’T overtighten the belt, if the belt keeps slipping you may need to replace it or look for other problems on the treadmill.

Thursday, 22 August 2019

Aligning the Treadmill Running Belt

Over time the walking belt may become misaligned. You can center the belt by using an allen wrench.
Only use the left side idler bolt. If the belt is too far to the left, turn the wrench to the right or clockwise. If the belt is too far to the right, turn the wrench to the left or counterclockwise.
With the belt stopped turn the idler bolt in 1/2 turn increments followed by 1/4 turns for finer adjustments. Then start the walking belt and the belt should adjust, repeat these steps until the belt is centered.
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