Friday 5 May 2017

How to fix a noisy cross trainer

 This is a traffic cross trainer and is making all sorts of noises, you can hear it as you start using the machine. So you can hear some clunking noise at the back, there’re all sorts of noises coming from the front, here also I can feel it coming through my feet, some engine noises are coming through the frame of the machine. It’s quite uncomfortable experience, so I’ll show you the various places you can check to stop it. These are the most common problems and I’ll show you all the key areas that you can check by yourself. To start with, check the handrail adjusters at the back of your machine and make sure that they are all nicely tightened up. Then move on to the front part of the machine, particularly check the arms. If there is any movement like in this one, you can see it’s quite shaky, so you need to check how it is fixed. We can see it’s actually fixed onto the front column and it’s a bit loose, so you just need to tighten it up. If you still hear the noise and see the movement you might also need to check these two bolts that are used to connect the top part of the handlebars on to this shaft. Make sure that they are also nice and tightened up. However, even after this, you may still hear some noise. In such case, we need to check the next place. It is the front column itself. On it we actually have two places where this is fixed. Check this area at the bottom which has some fixings, they might also be loose so tighten them up. It may get loose from time to time, so you might need to tighten it up every few weeks or months. We just help keep those nice and tight and the same on the bottom. These are load-bearing pivots so they take a lot of pressure when you use the machine. You shouldn’t need to tighten them up very often, you might just do once a year. This column is nice and tight, but still noisy. The last thing I can think of is this hand adjuster that is loose. We’ll check here, this particular fix in here it doesn’t have to be really tight. We get back on the machine, it feels like a brand-new machine. It sounds really quiet, feels really good and that’s a job really well done.

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