Tuesday 21 October 2014

Connecting a treadmill motor control board (Endex)

The signal cables are all different from each other and cannot be mistaken, it is the faston cables that require more attention

M+  connect to the main red motor
M-  connect to the main black motor
ACL / ACN connect to the input of the alternating current network

And the three incline motor fastons
white COM
red UP
black DOWN

Saturday 18 October 2014

Quick troubleshooting on treadmill error codes

Please check this guide

And read it together with the blog.

Usually, the error on the console means a "status". I.e. E1 = I don't get speed signal? Then if there is no signal but the treadmill starts turning and then stops after 10 secs. it's a speed sensor problem if it doesn't start at all is usually a broken mcb problem, if it stops after some minutes working with load, but it doesn't stop without load, it's motor.

Some treadmills report E2 or E3 instead of E1 but the logic behind is the same

E6/E7 are usually incline motor problems

E0 or blank console is usually safety key missing.

Some treadmills show communication error (E9 or other). This is common on mcb with 4 pins connection cable to console (rx / tx style). Those are related to cabling, or broken console/ controller.

Saturday 4 October 2014

Difference between Icon MC2100E REV. B - Icon MC2100E REV. C - ICON MC2100E REV. D and Icon MC2100ELS

Icon MC2100E REV. B, Icon MC2100E REV. C and ICON MC2100E REV. D are same controllers. Connectors are the same and they are 100% fully compatible with each other.
REV. D is the last manufactured controller and it's currently still in production as a replacement for old controllers. Anyway, it doesn't comply with Energy Saving Directive (Erp) so it's not possible to use it in new treadmills on the European market.

MC2100E Rev C controller. Crossed connections of external transformer
Icon MC2100 ELS is the new controller used on most of Proform, Weslo and Nordick Track treadmills. It's 100% compatible with the former controllers Icon MC2100E REV. B, Icon MC2100E REV. C and ICON MC2100E REV. D. It's also fully compliant with Erp Directive and a switching transformer is integrated in the controller.

MC2100 ELS controller. Crossed switching transformer
As you can see from pictures, there are some layout improvements but the main connectors are exactly the same as the former controllers, except the connectors for transformer.

When replacing 2100E with 2100ELS please note that those connectors are for an external transformer, the new controller has an integrated transformer so you don't need to connect it again.
The old external transformer may be removed from treadmill.

Please note it is OK to replace MC2100E (rev B, rev C or rev D) with MC2100ELS, but it's not possible to make the opposite (replace a 2100ELS with a 2100E).

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