Tuesday 23 May 2017

How to adjust your treadmill running belt

I have a treadmill here. And you probably can see that there is a problem with running belt here. In this particular case, it’s running too far on the left side. You can also hear that the belt is rubbing against the inner part of the machine. This will damage the belt in short time if you don’t act. So, today I am going to show you to how to solve this problem . I recommend you to stop the machine when you’re doing this at home, for safety reasons. However, I will do it with the machine running. To fix this problem we would need an allen key. I will be using this device, which is practically the allen key with ratchet. Just for you to see the movement easier. However, using the regular allen key has the same result.
All I need to do is to make the running belt go this way. I need to bring it to the centre. Imagine that my arm represents the running belt you will see that we need to make this corner out like that. This will make the running belt go that way. So there are two adjusting screws at the both sides here. I am going use the one closer to me. I am going to find the head of the screw and tighten it up. So I am just going to give half a turn and half a turn. It goes clockwise. And now I am going to give the machine time to react to the adjustments before making any additional changes. Just around 10-20 seconds. You can see that it started to move in the right direction. But it still needs some more adjustments. So I am just going to give it another half a turn, and another half a turn. And now you can hear that it started running quieter. This means that the left edge of the running belt stopped rubbing on the inside of the plastic trim here.
. Once the belt is running central, we need to do another check to the belt tension. You need to do the stomp test with the machine running., So with a foot just see if we can get the running belt to stall. When I do so I can hear the front roller is still slipping. This is not good. This indicates that the belt is too loose, so I need to put a little more of tension and bring this roller back. So what I am going to do I am going to use the same adjusters again. But this time I am going to give both of them a full 360-degree turn. Now I am going to do the test again. This time you can hear the difference. Now the tension is just enough. Remember NOT TO OVERTENSION the belt, because this would damage the belt, motor or controller. Please refer to other guides in this blog for proper running belt centering and tensioning instructions. 


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