Wednesday 10 May 2017

How to maintain your treadmill

I have a treadmill here and I will tell you some things you can do to make it last longer. The most important thing is keeping the running belt lubricated. To do so you have to apply 15-20 milliliters of the oil under the running belts, the best solution for home use equipment is to use the Silicon spray lubricant. For commercial treadmills you may want to use liquid lubricant. In this case we suggest to use Polydimethylsiloxane, which is the type suggested by Technogym.
This applies to domestic machines and you have to do it every three to four months. As for commercial usage do it much more frequently. Just put a bit of oil under the belt and walk it in. This is the most important thing you can do.
The other thing you can do is getting cleaning products. For example, gym wipes. Gym wipes are usually wet and are designed for this job. They have special chemical in so they remove the dust and fatty deposits without problems. Just clean the places where you are using the machine. Particularly these places at the top of the console. And also clean the inside part of the legs. If you want to do a better job, you can use the same lubricant on the metal parts. In such way, we prevent the sweat from getting in the frame of the machine and getting into the paint casing corrosion. The machine will look dirty and messy, Moreover, it may cause some structural problems in future. , So quickly wipe it over after you use it.
The next thing you can do to keep your machine nice and working is vacuum cleaning. , Just vacuum this area underneath the machine, this place under the running belt. Keep it free of dust and dirt. Also vacuum these parts of the machine under the running belt. It will stop the dust from getting under the running belt and prevent future problems.
The other things that you might need to do you can lubricate the pivots. There are pivot mechanisms here on the other side and underneath. , So from time to time just spray these pivots with Gibbs, wd-40 or three-in-one oil if you have of that bicycle chain oils. It will stop all forms of noises. So no squeaks, creaks and other annoying things.
Finally there’s adjustments at the back. You can use it to retighten the belt. Also if the belt drifts over to the left or the right you can keep it running nice and true and tight. Remember to follow the advice on our blog and avoid over-tensioning the running belt, which may cause damage to the belt itself or to the motor/controller system.
So these are some really simple tips. You don’t need any special tools to do this. Additionally, you can combine these tips with a service plan every now and then. And as a result, the machine will give you 10 to 15 years of good service.If you need the special lubricant, just get in contact with specialists on

Treadmill Lubricant

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