Friday 22 November 2013

Treadmill motor replace | how to set IR, SPEED, Torque on Motor Board

Turn IR and LIMIT (also called TORQUE) clockwise or counterclockwise for half scale every time to get higher or less torque.

SPEED: it is used to set up the rapport between
the signal coming from console to motor controller
AND the voltage to the motor (i.e. signal 5V from console to MCB = 140 V may become 5V from console -> 180V to the motor)

You don't usually need to set SPEED. The sensor (REED or optic) on the treadmill gives a feeedback to the console and the console adjust the signal to the MCB until the correct speed has been reached.

Sunday 10 November 2013

Adjust treadmill motor controller board after motor change | Astek treadmill boards

1. Please adjust the IR, LIMIT and SPEED value on the MCB.
2. For Turdan Motors, adjust the IR value to 11 and LIMIT value to 5.5

3. For Turdan Motors, adjust the SPEED value to 8.5

Sunday 3 November 2013

Treadmill E1 error | change the optical speed sensor to a magnetic speed sensor without replacing the original power board

In case you need to change the optical speed sensor to a  magnetic speed sensor without
replacing the original power board please do the following:

1) Fix the magnetic speed sensor to the correct place pointing towards the magnet
in the front roller. Leave the distance between sensor and magnet 2 - 3 mm

2) a. Connect the speed sensor to the power board by using the 2 pin cable: 

    b. or cut original wires, and connect wires directly. Red is not connected. (close up open 
        wires with shrink-hose)
    c. or connect the 2 pin plug directly on the 3 pin socket on PCB. Right 2 pins are used. Left      
        one is not connected. Pls make sure connector is fixed properly to the socket (glue).

Please connect the power and manually rotate the front roller to see if the speed signal appears
on the power board on LED in position D30