Tuesday 15 May 2018

Test the EMI filter on a treadmill

The EMI filter protects other users connected to the home network from interference. A malfunctioning filter may cause interference and damage to other electric equipment connected or may block the current supply to the motor control board.
Set up the multimeter on the OHM measurement
Test 1: from point A to point B, normal reading 0.4 Ohm (there must be continuity)

Test 2: from point C to point B, normal reading 0.4 Ohm (there must be continuity)

Test 3: from point A to point E, normal reading 1 or OL (there should be no continuity, if there was, it would indicate a short circuit)

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Sunday 13 May 2018

Replacing a roller

The replacement of the roller is necessary in case of noise, when it is not possible or not convenient to replace the bearings.
Required tools: Phillips screwdriver, 6mm hexagonal T-handle
Procedure to be followed for the front roller
1) disconnect the power supply and remove the motor casing
2) remove the speed sensor (to avoid damaging it)
3) remove the transmission belt
4) loosen the rear roller adjustment screws
5) unscrew the screws that fix the front roller
6) replace the front roller, then replace the drive belt
7) adjust the tension of the transmission belt
8) adjust the tension of the running belt
9) align the running belt
10) refit the crankcase

Procedure to be followed for the rear roller
11) loosen the rear roller adjustment screws and unscrew them
12) replace the rear roller
13) adjust the tension of the running belt
14) align the running belt

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Friday 11 May 2018

Motor integrity test

Remove the faston connectors from the M + and M- motor board. Set the multimeter / voltmeter to 200 VDC. Connect a test lead to the red cable (M +) and one to the black cable (M-). Turn the flywheel with your hands.
Normal result:
the faster the motor is turning, the higher the voltage produced. If no voltage is seen and the cables are connected correctly, the motor must be replaced. The DC motor, in fact, acts like a dynamo

Wednesday 9 May 2018

Making the most of cross trainers by properly adjusting the elliptical

The position of your feet on the elliptical (cross trainer) influences the way of working of the muscles of your legs:
- with the feet as far as possible, the quadriceps work a little more
- with the feet as far back as possible, the buttocks work a little more
Even if you tilt your torso a little further, you can see more work on your buttocks.
The energy expenditure and fatigue are greater when the movement of the legs also matches that of the arms.
When you feel tired, before stopping the exercise try to stop the arms by putting them on the appropriate supports and continue only with the legs.
Some useful tips for those starting to train with the cross trainer.
To get on the elliptical position laterally, rest the foot on the lower platform keeping your hands firmly resting on the fixed handlebars of the tool, then pushing on the supported leg also bring the other foot on the platform. Only once the movement is started, towards the front, carefully move the hands on the mobile supports, one at a time. Never move your legs without having your hands resting on either the fixed or mobile part.
Keep your feet all resting on the platform and wear appropriate footwear. Do not perform barefoot exercise.
Also for the descent, first stop the leg stroke, then holding firmly to the fixed part of the handlebar, descend sideways first with one foot then with the other.
Stay with your back straight if you suffer from backache.

Saturday 5 May 2018

Energetics assistance

ENERGETICS is one of the brands of the Intersport group and is today one of the reference brands in the world of fitness and home fitness in the whole of Europe. Its fitness equipment proposals are differentiated by the high technological content and are dedicated to those looking for the best quality-price ratio with a view to maximum performance.
We are an official technical assistance center for Energetics in different European countries and therefore we have experience on assistance on all home fitness equipment.
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Thursday 3 May 2018

Tunturi assistance

Tunturi is a reliable brand with many years of experience in the field of fitness and fitness equipment. Although this market is relatively young, Tunturi had already made a name for itself in 1970. The renowned Tunturi W1 was indeed the first exercise bike with ergometer.
Tunturi was born in 1922. The foundations of the Tunturi brand were laid by the Harkke brothers with a small bicycle shop in Turku, Finland. Within a few years, the small shop became a factory and now Tunturi products are sold in over 40 countries around the world and have the latest technology (EMS resistance, iPhone, iPad and Android connectivity, Smartphones and many others).
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Tuesday 1 May 2018

Old stationary bike like Atala and Carnielli Assitance

In many homes there are old stationary bikes, such as brand Atala, Carnielli, Striale.


For the Atala brand, we are an exclusive technical assistance center and we deal with technical interventions in different countries, thanks to the network of technicians spread throughout the territory.
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