Sunday 28 June 2015


I have received my order from you (a GMD118-1 GREENMASTER COMPATIBLE MOTOR)  and it has been placed according your directions.
I have verifyed the correct installation and maintenance but the motor still overheats. Do you have any other sujestions? Please note that the treadmill is used only by me (I weihgt 80kilos)
once a day and for 1 hour and I usually keep it to 6km/hr.

1) Check if the speed is OK. Sometimes speed needs to be adjusted via the SPEED trimmer on the control board. If speed is lower, that could bring overload to motor
2) Check proper lubrification of running belt. Add some (not too much) lube on the running back. Use only 100% silicon oil lube. Don't use PETROL derivates, as they damage the belt and have the opposite effect (increase friction factor of belt)
3) Check if the rollers are smooth. Try to move the belt with your hands frontward and backward, this should move smoothly. If not, cause may be too much tension on drive belt, old running belt or problems with rollers (i.e. roller pulley not aligned, roller bearings damaged)
4) Check running deck if smooth and flat. If there are grooves or hollows, this should be replaced or turned upside down
5) Test for 30 min at 12 km/h and nobody on the machine, if after the test the motor gets hot, double check the above points. If not, if the running belt is more than 4 years old, replace the running belt.

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Tuesday 23 June 2015