Friday 29 June 2018

Assistance for treadmills: MyFit, Hyperfit, Starter, Toorx and some maintenance advice

To help ensure a long service life of the treadmill, routine maintenance should be performed.
Every week:
remove dust, dirt or any traces of sweat from the treadmill with a damp cloth. Do not use detergents under the running belt. Be careful not to throw water or allow moisture to pass between the edges of the display panel and the console. Inspect the belt to make sure it runs straight and smoothly.
Every 15 days or according to use
It is important to lubricate the running board by applying silicone spray to improve the performance of the treadmill. The lubricant must be applied between the belt and the walking deck, in the contact parts subject to greater friction and wear, i.e. towards the center.

Every month:
Vacuum to remove dust or dirt that may form under or on the sides of the treadmill. Check the components of the treadmill structure to make sure that the mounting screws are not loosened, and tighten them if necessary.
In case the decals placed on the sides of the main frame of the treadmill are unglued, simply heat them with the hair dryer and apply light pressure with the hand to make them adhere to the surface.
If the protective plastic of the console is removed, it is advisable to clean it to remove glue residues especially on the bright LEDs.
In case you need assistance contact us.

Wednesday 27 June 2018

Treadmill maintenance: lubrication of the running belt

Correct lubrication of the running belt allows friction to be limited and helps to prolong the service life of the motor and of the motor control board. It is therefore a fundamental maintenance operation to ensure the long life of the treadmill.
For the lubrication of your treadmill we suggest you use only 100% silicone sprays and avoid sprays that use additives and petroleum distillates, which could ruin the running belt or the deck.
The belt and the deck surface must be slightly greased. If the surface is dry, proceed with lubrication by following one of the alternatives presented below
Alternative 1
1) close the treadmill in a vertical position
2) spray 3 or 4 times with the lubricant under the belt
3) reopen the treadmill, start it at low speed (4km / h) and walk for a few minutes
4) check that the lubricant is spread over the entire surface
Alternative 2
1) lift up the running belt
2) using a straw, spray the lubricant as much as possible towards the center of the running deck
3) start the treadmill at low speed (4km / h) and walk for a few minutes
4) check that the lubricant is spread over the entire surface
1) it is important to avoid too much lubrication of the treadmill (wetting the belt).
2) try to always lubricate well the center of the deck (where you normally walk)
3) always lubricate the lower surface of the belt (between the deck and the belt, normally colored in white). NEVER lubricate the top surface of the belt (black) to avoid making it slippery.