Saturday 25 January 2014

Treadmill Error E1 on Strengthmaster Treadmills

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Treadmill Error Code – E1
This Error Code may appear under 3 different situations:

• The “Start” button is pushed and the E1 error code is displayed immediately.
• The “Start” button is pushed, the display counts for 3 seconds, the DC Motor begins to run and then stop after 6 seconds, when the E1 error code is displayed.
• The “Start” button is pushed, the display count for 6 seconds, and then the E1 error code appears. The belt does not move in this situation.

Treadmill Error E1
After you determine which of these scenarios is occurring, please follow the instructions below to correct the problem.

If the E1 error code shows immediately it is likely a wiring connection problem. Check the connector at the back of the display, in the handlebars and at the bottom of the right side support post. Make sure that the connectors are turned the right way, that none of the pins are bent and that they are firmly pressed together. If this does not solve the problem you may have a problem with a wiring harness. Check to see if the harness was damaged during assembly by visibly inspecting the harness where the handlebars and the support post are connected during assembly and where the support post is inserted into the base. If there are signs of damage, you can isolate the mid-section of wiring harness and test to see if this is the problem through removing the display from the handlebars and attaching it directly to the end of the wiring harness coming out of the right side of the base. If the display now works properly, replace the damaged wiring harness.

If this does not resolve the problem, remove the bottom hood cover and replace the wiring harness from the controller board to the base. You might also try to replace the speed sensor of the treadmill.

If the E1 error occurs after the belt starts to move for several seconds, the error code means that the system is not picking up the speed of the motor. This pickup comes from a magnet mounted on the front roller pulley and a speed sensor or from an optic sensor on the motor. To resolve this problem, follow these steps:

A.    Check the connection between the speed sensor and the controller board. This connection may be sealed with hot glue to keep it from loosening. Make sure that the connection is secure without removing the hot glue.

B.    Make sure that the magnet is properly installed on the front pulley. If you cannot locate the magnet on the pulley order a new magnet (write at

C. Replace the magnet and/or sensor
If this does not solve the problem, this is likely caused by a defective motor (too much current need from the motor causes the board to enter protection mode and stop the treadmill belt)

If the E1 error after the display count the workout time for 6 seconds but the belt never begins, the error code means that the DC Motor Controller is likely defective and needs to be replaced. The problem could also be associated with a defective motor (8/13%).

Saturday 18 January 2014

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