Friday 5 May 2017

How to stop rattles and noises on a vibration plate

I have prepared a vibration plate for you and I will tell how to make sure it works properly. This particular plate has 2 regimes of operation. The first is this one which is swinging. So basically the footplate which you stand on is moving left and right. The second mode is vibration, which makes the whole thing vibrate. You can turn them on separately or combine them together based on the sort of workout that you want to do. One the most important things, in case of this machine, is to make sure that all of the fixings at the back of the machine are really tightened up because we need to keep the console and the electronics nice and steady and we don’t want the vibration to move from the bottom to the top. In such way, we can avoid some problems with the console. Make sure you check all of the fixings, in this case, we have six at the bottom. If the manufacturer decided to put six fixings in this particular place we can say that this is important, so use the allen key to tighten all of them up. Further up where the console attaches we have some more fixing so do the same thing here. Mare sure they are all tightened up and steady. By doing so we’re not allowing anything to start vibrating and rattle independently due to harmonics. When the machine works is causes a lot of vibration and if everything is not tight and steady the console at the top could really start to rattle around and give you all kinds of problems in the long run. So check the fixings regularly and give them a nice tighten up every now and again.

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