Thursday 16 February 2017

Automatic lubrication system for treadmills

Lubricating the running belt is one of the most important things to do for the maintenance of the treadmill. It ensures smooth running of the treadmill over the years.

Some manufacturers implement self-lubrication systems with liquid silicone to automate this process. 

Tuesday 7 February 2017

ZYT93-73 Characteristic curve volts amps rpm treadmill motor

Sample specs of a treadmill motor.
Model taken into account is ZYT 93-73
Characteristic curve shows volts, amps, rpm of the treadmill motor

As you can see (it's a general rule) the efficiency for the treadmill dc motor is max with top speed and voltage (i.e. when running) and very low when walking.

So if you need to walk long time on your treadmill, it's suggested to install a low friction walking belt (you can find it on, lube regularly the deck surface, and keep an eye on motor temperature, to avoid motor overheating (on the same you will find a convenient thermometer to be installed on the motor metal casing, with a long lead, so you can check temperature easily and you don't need to open every time the motor cover.

Treadmill rollers design for automatic centering of the belt

The picture shows the taper design of roller, which makes sure that the running belt keeps centered.

As you can see in the image, the roller is slightly bigger in the center. This increases the tension of the running belt in the middle, so it auto centers.

Unfortunately this has also a side effect. If you tension your belt too much or you forget to oil the deck, it is more likely that the belt gets damaged in the middle.

For this reason, please always remember to use proper lubricant for your deck and avoid over-tension the running belt.

Are you looking for ...

replacement running belts?
rollers and other parts:

High elastic medium board for better flexibility of the deck

High elastic medium board for better flexibility of the deck

The standard decks provided on partsfortreadmill are highly elastic

The extra strong decks are less elastic, but they have a much longer lifespan.

In case there is no cushioning system on the treadmill, it's suggested to use standard decks. In this scenario please remember that the deck is under high pressure because it acts as a part of the cushioning system.

AC to DC voltage schematics for home use treadmills

AC to DC voltage schematics for home use treadmills