Friday 22 July 2016

Treadmill motor: maintenance and troubleshooting

There are several engine types. The PMDC (direct current with permanent magnets) is the most often used for home treadmills (home fitness). It works with direct current (DC). Gym treadmills use the alternating current type (VAC), which is more reliable. Ac motors are more durable and resistant. For heavy use (heavy users, long workouts, gyms), you should choose a treadmill with an AC motor.
Recognize the engine of the treadmill

You should open the motor cover to see the engine installed in your treadmill. In almost all of the treadmills, it is located on the front. After removing all the screws and the engine cover, you’ll see the motor and a label with some information:
p/n: part reference, it may be helpful to find it on the website
HP: horsepower or HPP: peak horsepower. Often the hp power information is generic or shows "treadmill duty" or other statements. So the real power of the treadmill is often not very clear. Ask an expert from if you are unsure which model to choose.
Normally in the engine there are 2 cables connected to the controller. The connecting wires are interchangeable, i.e. you can swap black and red. The motor is not polarized, so it cannot be damaged by the swap. However, the rotation of the motor will be opposite, so if you swap the cables you reverse the direction of rotation. Some times the engine has 2 extra cables, these are used for a thermal protection system.
The above does not apply to AC motors that usually work with a three-phase power supply.

Engine damage (for DC)
There are several ways to determine if an engine is damaged:
1. Connect the motor to a voltage (continuous). It must have at least 20 V(DC) and provide at least 700 mA. If the motor doesn’t move at all, definitely needs to be replaced. Even if it runs, however, may still have some other electric problems, such as electrical losses or abnormal consumption. Unfortunately, you can’t see that problem with a low voltage.
2. If you have a meter, you can measure resistance among the red and black cables, which should be low. By turning the engine by hand, if you observe that at some points it becomes very high or the circuit is open, it means the presence of a broken filament or problems to the brushes. The brushes can wear out and need to be replaced to work properly. When replacing the brushes, you may want to go a few hours at full speed on the treadmill, to allow them to settle. If you need to replace the brushes frequently, this suggests electrical losses in the motor or problems to the engine manifold. You should, therefore, replace the motor.
3. If you rotate the engine by hand (disconnected from the belt) and you observe that at some point you have a higher level of resistance, it is clear that the engine has some sort of problem. You should therefore replace the treadmill motor.
4. When there is a short circuit in the engine, the fuse of the controller could melt. Or the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter may switch off, thus avoiding more serious damage.
5. the engine may lose power due to various factors, most frequent are overheating or loss of magnetism. In this case, it must be replaced. In the event of overheating, be careful to avoid the same problem happen on the new engine.

Most of the problems to treadmill motors derive from overloading, and therefore overheating.
In 90% of cases, these problems depend on not lubricated or too old and worn out belts. We always recommend that you replace the belt with a low friction one, if your motor gets hot or if the power consumption of the equipment raises.
In the remaining 10%, engine problems depend on some mechanical problem. As instance damaged rollers bearings, damaged running deck, excessive drive belt tension, improper use (too heavy user or too many consecutive hours of training), and so on.

Need a new motor or motor parts for your treadmill? Buy them here:
  1. Treadmill motor
  2. Treadmill motor parts, brushes, holders, fans
  3. Transformers, chokes, breakers, cables
  4. Other parts for treadmills and fitness equipment

Treadmill: some advice for use

1: Check power supply. This device must be attached to a wall socket 220V single phase to grounded outlet.
2: The device is exposed to mechanical stress. Therefore it is important to check the tightness of the screws, as soon as they seem not well tightened or you hear a mechanical noise. Be careful not to tighten the screws that must have some degree of movement (such as transport wheels screws)
3: Do not use abrasive cleaning agents such as alcohol or acetone. Only a neutral cleaner on a lint-free cloth.
4: Sweating accelerates corrosion of metals and paints, degrading rapidly upholstery. So, we invite you to remove all traces of sweat after each exercise. Use appropriate lubricants on metal parts such as the silicone lubricant Silic-one, prevents rust on metal parts and to preserve them as well as make them shinier.
Safe lubricant, made in EU
The lubrication of the tape has several objectives: to avoid wear of the belt and deck, reduce power consumption and wear of the drive motor and controller.
A new belt needs to break int. It can take several days depending on usage (about 20 hours). Therefore, it should be particularly monitored its centering and its tension during this period. At the end of it, proceed to clean the belt, the engine compartment, inspect and lubricate the treadmill band. A well-regulated low friction and lubricated belt saves from 2 to 4 amp-hours, or a few tens of pounds/euro per year, which means that you can easily repay within one or two years of use a new low friction belt and the Lube. Make sure that the belt is tighten but not too much. You may get a break it or have a power consumption too high if you tighten it too much. Follow the instructions on our blogs to do this operation in the best way.
In any case, you should be able to put quite easily the hand under the belt, towards the middle of the belt. If you have to tighten belt very much to avoid it slipping on rollers, it's time to replace it.
Running/Walking Belt for treadmill (home use)
Treadmill running belt (commercial / gyms)
Don't forget that the gym treadmills need maintenance and lubrication and you have to replace the belt when it is worn. The power consumption is much greater in the gym because of use, so the payoff time of a low friction belt and the lubricant in less than 6 months.

What to do if you have lost the safety key treadmill

In 1952, the first treadmills designed for human use appeared in the form of a cardiac stress test. Shortly after, the treadmills have begun to be used in gyms. Nowadays treadmills have heart rate monitors and security keys. In general, the keys should be applied on the clothes of the user and, in case of danger, stops operation of the treadmill. Unfortunately, these keys are often lost, and the user can’t anymore use his treadmill.
There are several types of keys. Each acts as a toggle; the key must be connected to the user by a cord, because, in the event of an accident, the key will come off and the treadmill will stop. This device, if removed, will also prevent children to start the appliance.
The magnetic safety key is the most common type. The classic security key, usually plastic, fits into a slot inside the tapis. Some security keys are equipped with metal contacts, which connect the two electrodes and close a circuit. They are covered with plastic, so the user avoids electric shock.
Attention: an attempt of replacement can be dangerous, especially for keys with metal contacts.
Always remember that the security key is there to avoid the risk of injury, replace it with a suitable one if you lose or damage it.
Rather buy a new security key on our site
or if the original key is no longer available or is very expensive (some security keys for Tunturi models can reach over 100,00), ask our staff to make a change to the console and replace the key with one of the most common types.

Wednesday 20 July 2016

Parts for treadmills

Since 2013, we are specialized in belts for treadmills and fitness equipment spare parts for treadmills, exercise bikes, cross trainers, running machines, stationary bikes, elliptical trainers.

We offer original and compatible parts for fitness equipment of many different brands, for gyms and home use. Special parts are available on request. For any information, please contact us.

See posts below for some examples of replacement parts and services provided for gyms and home fitness equipment. 

Treadmill running deck

Choose a standard size or order a tailor-made treadmill running deck. By removing the motor cover and one of the back end caps, it should be possible to take easily the dimensions of the running deck, without removing it.

We manufacture tailor-made running decks for all brands of treadmills, with standard material (for home use treadmill, with max deck width of 60 cm) and extra-resistant decks (for large decks and for gym equipment). Treadmill running deck in standard material are made by special flexible wood, thickness 18,5 mm suitable for 16 up to 20 mm thickness.

Decks are made in double side laminated wood, with same or better specs as your original deck, and are made in Europe with European quality wood. We also supply gym grade extra-resistant decks compatible with gym and home use equipment for increased lifetime. Made to order decks are made within 10 working days from payment.

Treadmill safety key: available in different shapes/sizes.

Treadmill safety key: available in different shapes/sizes.

Transmission / motor drive belt replacement

Replacing drive belt for treadmills, bikes and elliptical trainers. AVAILABLE IN DIFFERENT LENGTH.

Full list
Treadmill belts J6
Exercise bike drive belt
Treadmill drive belts (J8)
Treadmill drive belts (J10)

Some examples:

Treadmill Running Belt Replacement

Running belt for treadmill, available in different sizes.

 Choose yours or order a tailor made belt! The belt is NEW and ready to be installed. Best quality recent manufacture low friction factor running / walking belts.
Hundreds standard size running belts are available in our stock, and we can replace them easily if you order the wrong size. If you need a tailor made belt, we can manufacture it with top-quality materials.

We can also print your logo on the belt and supply pre-waxed running belts (on request).

How do I take the size of running belt? 
No need to disassemble it:
a) stick some adhesive tape on the belt
b) use a flexible meter and take the size from the tape until the end of the belt.
c) Stick another piece of tape on the belt.
d) move the belt and do again b) until you take the total length of the belt.

Treadmill Motor and motor control boards

There are several motors and controllers available, compatible with major brands.
Look here to find gym equipment inverters & gym equipment electronic parts.
Please contact us in case you need further information or visit our eshop for the full catalogue of fitness parts. For most of treadmill controllers, the model is printed in white or black on the PCB. Look the code in our eshop to find the suitable replacement controller. Or scroll the controllers list to find yours. Remember to double check connectors to make sure of compatibility. Sometimes the new controllers have an integrated switching transformer. In this case, if the old controller was equipped with an external transformer, you won't need it anymore.

Other parts for fitness equipment

We also sell

• Gym equipment parts, iron cables, pulleys 
• Treadmill motor parts, brushes, holders, fans, 
• transformers, chokes, circuit breakers, data cables. 
• Regulation screws, rollers, transport wheels, lubricants 
• Stationary Bike parts such as pedals, brake controllers and saddles 
• Spin bike parts, such as cranks, brake pads, axles 
• Chest belts, computers for bikes and ellipticals

Replacing speed sensor for treadmills, bikes and elliptical trainers.

If you get E-1, E-2, E-3, L5, LS, please check your sensor and replace it to solve the problem.

Magnetic Sensor 
It is used with a magnet placed on the pulley of the treadmill or exercise bike, different types available (round-shaped or square). Connector has two pins, cable length is 110 cm.

Buy Treadmill Speed Sensor | Magnetic

Optical Sensor

It is connected to the motor fan and reads speed directly from motor fan. There are two main versions: with 4-pin cable or 3-pin cable.

Buy Treadmill Speed Sensor | Optic 4 pins

Buy Treadmill Speed Sensor | Optic 3 pins


Treadmill controllers and Gym Inverter Repairs

We repair inverters, consoles and controller boards in two specialized labs located in Europe. They offer the best experience to avoid expensive replacement of gym and home use electronic parts.
Price of repair is 79£ + shipment for home use treadmill controller,  150£ + shipment for standard gym inverters. When repair is not possible, lab will look for a compatible or universal controller.

Contact us for more information
horizon treadmill motor control board and others

Sunday 17 July 2016

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See guides for
replacing treadmill belt:

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Friday 8 July 2016

Running belts, drive belts, treadmill decks for domestic and commercial (clubs/gyms) at the best price guaranteed!

Smart shopping is not always easy. There are many offers on the web and it takes time to find the best quality with an affordable price. Our experts monitor daily prices made by competitors, and they offer the best prices and the largest selection of parts for treadmills, exercise bikes, rowing machines and other exercise equipment.

Drive and running Belts deteriorate over time. For instance, you shouldn’t buy a belt older than 10 years, because its friction factor increases with time. Even if the belt is kept in stock!
Thanks to the close relationships with suppliers, Parts for Treadmill offers you recent products and excellent quality. That is you buy the latest models from suppliers, which respect the latest quality end environmental standards.

To further ensure our clients, we offer the Best Price Guaranteed on Running belts, drive belts and decks. So if you find on the internet or receive an offer with lower prices, please let us know immediately! Please send web site data and, if the request for the best price is valid, we will offer you the same price and a freebie.
To request a price adjustment, we ask you to provide the following information: name of the website and link to the lower priced product, or quote / invoice in your name.

Contact us by email soon after you place your order on the Parts For Treadmill website, within 24 hours from the time of purchase. A new order will be generated with updated price. If the payment has been already processed, the difference will be refunded via PayPal (credit card).


we cannot provide you with the best prices guaranteed if:

  • the price is lower by more than 25% compared to our prices. In this case, we can not guarantee to achieve a price of the competitor, because it may not be the same quality of the product.
  • competitor product is not in stock
  • offerings of private individuals or stores with preferential/ duty free/tax exemption tax regime
  • in the above situations, please report the price detected: we will try to give you the best possible solution.