Saturday 28 June 2014

Carnielli Support | Error Codes CTP 604 - 704-804

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Communication error

1. Check the connection cables between the motor controller board and the console. Check that they are properly connected and are not broken / cut off midway.
2. If the wires are OK, the motor and console need to be checked.


Lack of speed signal

No speed signal

1. Check the speed sensor, check that it is in the correct position, check the power cord. Try changing the power lead of the deck.
2. Try to replace the speed sensor
3. Alternatively, the defect may be with the motor or the controller

E04 / Er07

Excessive motor absorption

1. Likely a fault on the motor or motor board.
2. In some cases both components are at fault


The Body Fat program does not take the signal pulse

1. Try to dampen your hands, holding both sensors
2. Check the connections of the hand pulse sensors
3. Replace the cables and / or the heart rate monitors


Purchase the professional testing service of your motor board and motor to accurately identify the fault on your treadmill and avoid unnecessary expense for replacing good components or request a home service call.

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