Wednesday 11 June 2014

Support for Power Runner, Trimmaster, Trimline etc. | Maintenance Advice

To help ensure the long life of a treadmill you should perform routine maintenance.

Each week:
remove deposits of dust, dirt or traces of sweat from the treadmill with a damp cloth. Do not use detergent under the running belt. Be careful not to splash water or let in moisture between the edge of the display panel and the console. Inspect the walking belt to make sure it runs straight and smoothly.

Every 15 days or based on usage
It is important for better performance of the treadmill to apply silicone spray to lubricate the deck. Lubricant is inserted between the belt and the deck, in the center, which is the part more subject to increased friction and wear.

Each month:
vacuum to remove dust or dirt that may have formed in or on the sides of the treadmill. Check the components of the structure to make sure that the mounting screws are not loose, and tighten if necessary.
If the decal resin at the side of the main frame of the treadmill becomes unstuck just warm them with a hair dryer and apply light pressure with your hand to make them adhere to the surface.
If you removed the protective plastic of the console you should clean it with triellina or turpentine to remove residual glue especially on the LEDs.

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  1. My machine lights up but doesn't accept any commands or work

    1. Hi, if not even one key works, it can be the keyboard. if, on the other hand, the countdown starts, it is the motor controller