Saturday 28 June 2014

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Tutorial for closing the treadmill

Pay close attention when folding away the treadmill as it may damage the cables or the other parts of the treadmill if they are in the wrong position.

First of all, before you fold the treadmill make sure that the running deck is in the lowest position possible, otherwise it may be damaged:

¬ then press down on "INCLINE -" until just before the elevation motor reaches the end of its course; pressing the button again to make sure that the deck does not move further;
¬ verify that the cables connecting the treadmill do not remain "pinched" or squeezed especially at closing points and if there is a notable resistance double-check to be sure;

In the case of any problems in the closure of treadmill verify that the rear frame during the lifting movement does not have obstructions on the column, screws, etc.. Also check the operation of the piston support tilt and chrome-plated and varnished square tubes;

it is advisable to oil or grease the chrome tube and the piston in case there is friction on the parts. Also check the functionality of the pommel closure and make sure it is tightly screwed.

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