Wednesday, 11 June 2014

E6 treadmill motor inclination error

 Treadmill incline motor for E6 error

The E6 error is normally related to the missing/incorrect reading of the signal position of the inclination motor and derives 99% from the motor tilt and problems in the connection because the motor board passes the signal directly to the console, without any modification. They are therefore rare cases of errors E6 dependent on the motor board.

The steps to follow are for treadmills with an Astar type board (it may not be the same for all consoles).
1) press reset + incline down to enter engineering mode
2) press mode 4 times to get into test mode
3) press start to start
4) incline up and down to test inclination

if it moves up and down, check if the ADC value changes (if it does not change, it means that the motor inclination signal is interrupted – a broken wire or bad connection)
if it does not move, usually the motor connections are wrong, check however if LED 2 or 3 turns on.

The board calibrates itself when powering up so it can the treadmill can move by itself when it connects to the new board if signals don’t return.

Through the console in some cases it is also possible to adjust the tilt but this adjustment only affects the console and the tilt motor (it may be necessary when changing the
inclination motor). Note on some boards for this purpose there is a special LEARN button.

One last note. The
tilt motor has a thermal sensor so if you start to go up and down to test the tilt after a while of going backwards and forwards the motor warms up and goes into protection, giving the same error code.

Replacement incline motor available here: INCLINE MOTOR FOR TREADMILL


  1. What is the burning smell?

  2. Incline motor is moving up and down.but the e6 still coming.

    1. Maybe a sensor problem or sensor cable problem. The incline motor has a VR sensor usually connected with 3 small wires to the MCB. If this sensor doesn't work well you get a wrong data coming to the controller and the error 6 coming. I'd suggest to take a look at the wires first. In this blog I think we also wrote a post some time ago with how to set this vr sensor (it's possible on some incline motors). If it gets too complicated for you you could simply replace the tilt motor, then it should work. You can find those here:

    2. I recently got my incline motor and MCB replaced because of an E7 error. Now it shows E6 after exactly 10 seconds. However, if I go into test IO mode (start + reset) everything works fine and the treadmills runs without an issue. Incline also works, but it shows a value of „583“ at incline zero.
      Any idea how to get it to work in regular mode?

    3. E6 and E7 are usually both related to incline motor issue. I think your problem is with the incline motor sensor, you can try to open the cover of the incline motor, and look at the sensor or clean it. Eventually you should replace the incline motor.

  3. I have a X-erfit RUNNER 2000 having similar E6 fault code arising. After the blog here I do suspect the incline motor as well. Wires outlook good and are attached well. Treadmill just will not start running, immediately E6.

    There is somekind of test/calibration button nearby sensor cables in motherboard, I press it and incline motor goes 0,1-0,5s up and then stops / error. Panel software will not calibrate or test or run the mill, as always E6 error arrises.

    Is there possibility to just "ignore" the incline, I am not even using that. And in princible just could test if that motor is really the issue. Or is it only possibility to replace the motor, and how to be sure that it will be the solution!?!

    Thanks, Hannu

    1. hello the problem can also be the card. you have to try to disconnect the cables of the slope motor which are attached to the board and press start hoping it does not give you errors

    2. I disconnect three ”power” wires; black red and white - and still the same issue. The signal cable is well glued to motherboard so nasty to take off, but I suppose I have to do it anyway wether to change motherboard or incline motor... phew let’s see..

    3. Yes, thanks - no affect , all incline motor cables off and still same problem 🤯
      Does this mean it could be be the board actually broken?

      I don’t understand why it tries to move the incline motor when strart for run, matress motor doesn’t do anything. It kinda blinks the incline motor and then it’s E6 again..

    4. Eventually took all the wires off the board except panel wires, and power and ground.
      Same issue E6.

      From user manual Google Translated:
      ” E6 An unexpected power situation has caused damage to the fuse of the motor. The device stops and reports a fault. The computer will display the error code E6, and audio indicators. After 10 seconds, the computer will shut down and can be restarted. Possible reason: Smaller power supply than normal or the controller has problems. Check that the motor cable is connected correctly.”

      I measured even power after transformer, which was OK 224V about.

      Is the board then???

    5. usually they are two cables white, red and black, one more double the other thinner. you have to detach them both

    6. Dear all,I was reading E6 related problems,as I see it is incline function issue,but my treademill does not has incline motor and function as well,but error code E6 is activated...what can be possible problem,any suggestions,please....

    7. hi, the problem is definitely the motor controller