Wednesday 11 June 2014

Universal treadmill board

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Motor controller board motor for treadmills made ​​in EU new, suitable for any type of treadmill board replacement. Suitable for controlling motors with a voltage from 100 to 230V (regular Vmax) and with a motor body diameter not exceeding 9cm.

There’s a protection fuse on motor line in order to increase safety in the event of a short circuit of the MOSFET.

Technical data
Pilot signal: 0-10 VDC, initial calibration 8 VDC = 170 VDC voltage to the motor.
Motor power supply (terminals 3-4): 0 -230V, 8A max
Power display (terminals 12-16): 0/12 VDC (Terminal 16 = Zero; Terminal 12 = +12), max 150 mA


Connections plan and trimmer positions

Red LED - Power ON
Max. current TRIMMER
Green LED - enabled (motor start)
Motor Safety Fuse
Calibration max. velocity TRIMMER
Network filter
Fuses (a 220V/250V 8A fuse should be added on power inlet)
AC power IN
Power to display
0 volt incoming +8v

Standard connections as replacement of Greenmaster controllers:
12 - yellow
13 - black
14- blue
15 - green
16- red

1. It is advisable to add a fuse on AC input and a filter network, when they are not already installed on the treadmill

2. Connect terminals 1-2 to the AC

3. Connect the terminals 3-4 to the motor (in most cases, 3 to red M+, 4 on black M-)

4. Connect the terminals 12-16 to the power input of the console.

5. Connect terminals 13-14-15 to the output of the control console .

6. It is possible to connect terminals 9-10 to the safety. Open circuit between 9 and 10 corresponds to STOP.

7. It is advisable to check that the absorption of the motor (on terminals 3-4) without the user being less than 1.5 A and the absorption w user at 5 km/h less than 4A. If levels are above you should check the transmission, the motor and the proper maintenance of the equipment.

The color scheme shown in the picture refers to the standard wiring in lieu of Greenmaster card types (mounted on Energetics, Roger Black, Diadora, Reebok).

Special cases

1. If the console is not supported (does not give a linear signal) you can replace the console command with a potentiometer (image attached)

2.If the treadmill has a speed sensor it should be connected directly to the relative signal cables of the console. In this case the speed control is performed by the console.

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