Wednesday, 11 June 2014

MC2100E icon repair | LED meanings

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To find out if the board hasn’t been corrupted etc. …these procedures must be followed

- With the board installed and treadmill switched off at the main switch, keep an eye on the red LED on the board (the only one there). If it is turned on by the main switch, LED MUST NOT turn itself on at the same time as the switch, but it should turn on after a slight delay.

At the beginning is a "flash" almost imperceptible, then lights steadily. If it happens the LED to light up immediately after switch on the treeadmill, the board is corrupted and you will have to replace the board (repair is not possible due to IC corruption).

Other cases in which the board is not repairable, always linked to the LED are:
- LED fixed on immediately with a dim light.
- LED off completely, but the dashboard is on (likely to be the microprocessor).

If the card is not corrupted or does not have a damaged microprocessor, then it may be possible to repair it.

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