Saturday 28 June 2014

B) noise from the mechanical transmission of the footboard

The noise may come from the bearing seat ot transmission post.
1) try to rotate the bearings to detect the loud one.
2) If necessary, replace the defective bearing using a puller.

CAUTION: Always use a puller to remove the bearing to prevent damage to other components. Similarly, use a suitable tool to put the new bearing in place.

C) noise from the drive belt

If the noise is not due to the motor or the bearings, then it can derive from the drive belt. When the belt skips or slides, this causes noise.
1) tighten the belt by increasing the distance between the belt and motor.
2) If the belt is damaged, replace the belt

D) noise arising from other components

1) check the rubber leveling pins and adjust if necessary
2) check if the rubber footrest is correctly centered on the base. Center it if necessary.

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