Friday 13 June 2014

treadmill problems | installation of AMERICAN MOTION FITNESS treadmill

How to assemble the handle bar of AMF 8220/8221 treadmill

When you assemble the handle bar of 8220/8221, please follow the below steps.

Note: Don’t tighten the bolt too much before finishing step3.

Step1: Screw the bolt M8*100 lightly as shown on the picture.

Step2: Connect the cable for hand pulse with computer carefully.

Step3: Turn the handle bar foam over as shown on picture while insert the handle bar into the tube under the console,which will make sure the assembly holes of handle bar and the console matched perfectly.

Step4: Screw the bolt as shown on picture to connect the handle bar with the console.

Step5: Make the turned-over foam in step 3 flat out after finishing the above 4 steps.

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