Wednesday 11 June 2014

Parts compatible with Beny Sports, Flex Fitness, Epic, Gold’s Gym, Body Line, Encore

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Optical sensor for Carnielli treadmills (for E1 errors, fluctuating treadmill speed, etc…) 
2 pin magnetic treadmill sensor Atala, Prorun, Puntoshop (for E1 errors, fluctuating treadmill speed, etc…) 
Professional belts Life, Horizon, Technogym, Star Trac, Precor 
Home treadmill Belt replacement various sizes (3370x504mm, 3530x500mm, 3150x500mm, 2340x360mm, 2420x420mm, 2505x410mm, 2600x450mm, 400x2685mm, 440X2710mm, 400X2555mm, 430X2785mm, 480X2885mm, 500X3110mm, 400x2515mm, 2695x440mm, 2765x450mm, 2240x350mm, 3180x500mm, 3320x505mm, 2130x400mm, 2850x490 mm, 2660x440 mm) 
Belts for treadmill and home and professional exercise bikes (440j, 400j, 490j, 370J, 340j, 350j, 320j, 300j) • Treadmill boards type ENDEX DCMD57, DCMD66 
• Motors and replacement brushes for treadmill motors


  1. Atala treadmill error codes .... anyone have them?

    1. which model? They're different from one model to another.