Saturday, 28 June 2014

Errors on the console of the treadmill: E1 | Support for Roger Black, Bremshey, DKN Technology, Proform, Weslo

E1: when the E1 message appears on the console, it means that the computer has not received the correct information from the speed sensor in the motor compartment of the treadmill.

Solutions to the problem;
¬ Check that the speed sensor is correctly connected to the motor board;
¬ verify the presence of the magnet on the pulley of the front roller;
¬ Check that the sensor cable is not damaged, or there is no damage to the sensor;
¬ verify the distance L = 2-4mm from the sensor magnet on the front roller pulley; 

if it is too far away or too close can cause error;

If it is an optical sensor, make sure it is properly aligned 

¬ if the problem seems to be in the sensor, or the sensor cable replace it (buy it here: speed sensor for treadmill). Almost always, if the belt runs for a few seconds (4-10) before doing showing E1 or if the fault remains the same with or without the user on the deck, it is a defect of the sensor. Instead, if the belt does not start at all, the defect must be on the board and should be looked into and tested (and possibly the motor) in a specialized laboratory (contact us for information).
¬ in severe cases the defect depends on the board or motor of the  treadmill


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