Monday 27 November 2017

Problem with a treadmill: it occasionally works and stops

I have a "Power Run 3.6 easy" treadmill from ENERGETICS, which gives me error E2. I checked the speed sensor and it is OK. Can you suggest me any test that I can do to understand what does it depend on?
Good morning,
About your request for error E2 I recommend making some checks and then see what to do. Unplug the machine and:
1. Try turning by hand the motor to see if it has a fluid and frictionless movement
2. If it does, try to test the treadmill with only the motor connected (disconnecting the drive belt)
3. Does the running belt seem to be worn out? It could generate motor resistance, perhaps with some abnormal friction
4. Is the error displayed immediately (just when the machine is switched on) or is it displayed after a while?
Customer response
I did the tests you suggested, but the treadmill continues to give the E2 error.
Error E2 is displayed at power up after several seconds scanned by a beep.
I add that for 2 times, at different times since the E2 was presented, the machine at power-on has worked normally. So sometimes it goes, sometimes it does not go.
The speed sensor works.
What further tests can I do?
If every now and then the motor goes and occasionally runs and then doesn’t, I would recommend sending the motor for testing.
In fact, this type of defect may depend on the motor and could also cause damage to the board, so it’s better to check the motor before further damage is made to the machine.

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