Saturday 11 November 2017

A problem with the treadmill, which seems to be due to the motor but turns out to be caused by the belt

A problem with the treadmill, which seems to be due to the motor but turns out to be caused by the belt
Below is a summary of a long email exchange with a customer who had problems that ultimately turned out to be caused by the belt. After testing and changing a lot of components, the customer finally decided to follow the advice ...
J.G. Customer “I have a problem with my TC 470 Domyos treadmill. It happens that after a few minutes of using it at a speed of about 4 km / h the treadmill stops despite the display working. If I come off the belt it starts to turn and if I go back it stops. Until a few days ago it did it once and then worked, but tonight it continues to block. I took off the engine compartment cover and noticed that when it stops is not the belt sliding or anything else but the engine stops. I thought it might be a problem with brushes and then I unplugged the engine from the treadmill but did not open it to avoid further damage. I wanted to know what you could advise me and, if you think it might be the engine, what to do. The engine type is ICON 2.8hp 130VDC / 2089 watts.”
We wrote to the customer: “First, do not use the treadmill in these conditions because of the risk of further damage. The problem depends on the engine, which has probably developed some internal electrical dispersion, this makes it possible to activate the board protection. In turn, damage to the motor can be endemic or depends on the treadmill used or poorly maintained. Could you send me a photo of the engine?”
Customer J.G. “Thanks for the prompt reply, definitely before using it I will have to fix the problem. Anyway I tried to lubricate the belt, but nothing. However, the motor is identical to that of the 2.8 hp 130 vdc Icon that you sell used at 90 euros and you have the photo on your site, or alternatively the new one is compatible with 130 euros. Anyway tonight I'll take a picture and I'll send it to you”.
[We tried to convince the customer to replace the belt, but after some email exchange the customer decided to buy a used engine and not the belt]
 [10 days later ...]
J.G customer: “Hi Luca, unfortunately even with the motor you gave me today, the problem remained, even if it took a minute before it stopped, your motor stops after 15 seconds. With the tester I could not measure the absorption because in my opinion it is only for AC. Anyway the engine for the two times I tried was cool. Now tell me what you can do.”
Our answer: “Do you confirm that it stops after the same time even if there is no one on the treadmill?”
Customer J.G. “Unloaded does not stop but this was also true for the original engine, it's clear I did not go for so much time”
Our reply: “we can send you to test the old engine to see if it can still be used, while for the rest, if the problem emerges always when treadmill is loaded, you need to replace the belt”
Customer J.G. “Why do you say that I probably have to replace the belt? Maybe because it makes too much friction on the board? But it looks new!!! So your suggestion is, I test my motor, I send you back and pay the difference of the new belt, right?
Our answer: “I confirm the offer is that. To control the belt’s quality and friction, you should check how many A absorbs the engine when you are on the treadmill. However, since the components involved are only board, motor, belt, and deck, the probability of the belt is very high, especially if the belt is older than 3 years because it loses its properties.”
[... the client then decides to send his card and his engine for testing]
J.G customer: “Hi Luca, this weekend I did not have to do anything with the treadmill. Anyway I decided to disassemble engine and board and let you have them for testing.
[after 10 more days we get the results of the lab]
We wrote the customer: “Hi John, I have good news from the lab, which tells me that "new engine, older one and board, all three work fine"
[after a few days the old engine, board and belt are delivered to the customer]
Customer J.G. “Works!!!!! My treadmill started working again, thank you for your help.”
[original text edited and shortened to make it clearer to the reader]

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