Saturday 4 November 2017

MC-54 MC-70 MC-2000 MC-2100 Installation and calibration

With the treadmill disconnected from the current, connect all wires to the connectors as indicated. There are a total of 6 (MC54), 7 (MC70), 5 (MC2000), 10 or 12 (MC2100) terminals on the board. Keep all cables away from the white power resistor on the controller (for MC2000 and previous type cards). This resistance becomes very hot during use.
These steps are optional if the board has been repaired / upgraded.
Status 1. Press and hold the speed button + stop at the same time and do not touch any other key while you insert the safety key. This puts the treadmill in setup mode. The speed window will display the maximum speed of the treadmill. Release the buttons. Models manufactured before 1997 have an alternative sequence: press speed - and tilt +.
Status 2. Press the stop button once. The distance window will read % PWM speed signal. The speed window will display the actual speed of the treadmill.
Calibration of the tilt:
While the treadmill is in the state 1 press one of the two tilt buttons. If the gradient is controlled by the console, it will be calibrated automatically. Note: Some models do not have any inclination calibration.
Speed calibration:
WARNING, be on the footpaths of the treadmill or with your feet on the ground. Do not stay on the belt. The treadmill will reach the maximum speed.
Before proceeding, you must locate the speed control trimmer on the controller. It is all white or black with a white center, or blue with a white or yellow center. This is what should be set if speed is incorrect during calibration. The number in the distance window should reach zero.
When the button + speed key is pressed, this number will reach 85 very quickly and the belt will accelerate very quickly. I recommend that you press and release the speed key to increase the number more slowly.
If you reach the maximum speed (as shown in the speed window) before reaching 85, use a screwdriver to lower the speed control trimmer (counterclockwise). When you reach 85, the maximum speed will be displayed in the speed window. Turn the speed controller trimmer up or down to find the maximum speed of your treadmill. It does not have to be exact, but it is better if it is within +/- 3 km / h.
Very important:
When finished, press the speed button - and let the belt stop. Remove the safety key. Reinsert the safety key and try the treadmill. If all is ok, disconnect the current, reassemble the covers and restart.
To keep your board and motor in a working condition as long as possible, follow the directions on our blog.

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