Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Error E1, E2, E3, L5 and LS on treadmill

My Prorun K30 treadmill has problems with the motor, it starts but stops shortly after, and L5 error appears on display. I would need technical assistance or any information about any check I can do to understand what’s the problem.
Error L5 is like error E1. It would better read as LS (low speed). Usually you can fix it by replacing the speed sensor or the motor controller.
In fact, for the E1 and the similar errors (some models call it E2, E3 (rare), low speed, or LS) you have to distinguish
- If the treadmill runs for a few seconds and then stops showing E1, low speed or similar -> 99% is the sensor that does not work anymore. BUY SPEED SENSOR (you can find them on
- If it works for some time (minutes) and then stops showing E1, it is often the controller that goes into protection (may be worth checking the running belt if old or not lubricated, and also check problems with the motor such as electric leaks.) Buy motor, belt or test your engine. (see
- if it clicks and then stops, the controller is short or the motor is short. Test them. (see
- if it does not move at all, 99% the controller is faulty. Replace the controller. (see

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