Saturday 25 November 2017

Problem: Nordick Track treadmill jumps out, solved with 110V motor replacement with 180V motor

Let's summarize the experience of this customer
The customer sent us as his board and engine to be tested at the laboratory. The lab found a defect, which was leap current
Lab finds KO motor short, controller to be repaired.
After some time, the customer receives the card and the original engine (new) Nordick Track.
After some time, the customer contacts us again saying that he has another problem, this is his description of the problem: «I tried it for 25 minutes after which I turned off everything, I checked the fuse that was close to the plug and it was blown, I reactivated it but as soon as I start the treadmill, the engine starts to turn “jumpy”, I also tried without the engine connected. Your technician told me that even without the engine the light should blink but instead it remains off”
After a few days the controller came back to the lab, and we find out that the board is damaged again on the power output part, probably due to incorrect maintenance or "load" side issues. The controller is still repaired and the customer is required to pay a very reduced fee for the repair.
The lab confirmed that they replaced the power part of the card. It is the part which gets damaged in case of "load" problems, such as wrong maintenance, old tape (too much friction), etc.
Even after this the customer still complains about the treadmill malfunction. It starts, you can walk on it for 5 seconds and then it stops again. Without anyone (unloaded) works fined, but with a person of about 60/70 Kg stops
A replacement board is then sent to the customer, which accepts both 180v motors and 110V motors. The treadmill works fine a few weeks, after that it still notices problems with the card.
The new board (with original engine) causes the same problem. The customer agrees to try the replacement engine 180V.
After that we received the new message from the customer: “Good morning Luca, I tried with the engine that you sent me. It looks like it's okay now. I used it for about 40 minutes and it did not stop. I wanted to ask you if it is normal that after the 40 mins training the engine gets quite hot. Thank you.”
Afterwards we sent the customer instruction on how to adjust the main running belt and the drive belt.
He wrote us back: “Sorry for the delay, now it looks like it's okay”

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