Tuesday 7 November 2017

Modifying shunt resistance- mc2100 board astek treadmill weslo proform nordick track

In this video, we demonstrate how to modify the shunt resistance for calibration on high power motors with the Astek MC2100 controller (10cm diameter engines). It is necessary to use an electrical cable with a section 1-1.5 mm and connect it between the R6 pitch and the shunt resistance. The video shows the situation before the change, where adding a load on the motor causes the card's extra-protection to be activated.

The situation after the update is flawless.
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Here are the steps of modification:

First step: original card, the R6 pitch is free

Second Step: We're getting the cable on R6

Third Step: The cable is welded on the R6 pitch and is also welded to the shunt resistance.
Step 4: Cut off the excess cable

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