Tuesday 21 November 2017

Modify icon brand treadmill (Nordick Track, Proform, Weslo), with larger engine (180V)

Example treadmill modification using a “3 HP Mega Motor” motor type and an Eway compatible controller www.partsfortreadmill.com
Here are some advantages:
- the use of a bigger engine (10 cm in diameter compared to 8 of the original engine), allows better heat dissipation and reduces engine overheating even under harsh conditions
- The use of 180V motor technology allows a reduction in the current (A) resulting in further reduction of the risk of overheating and consumption. It is also more suitable for use in Europe (where the mains current has a voltage of 220 ~ 240VAC)
- The most powerful engine is suitable for longer use
A similar result can be obtained by applying a change to the original Icon Controller board, as follows

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