Thursday 29 March 2018

Tunturi Platinum support: E1 error due to excessive sensor distance

When the E1 error occurs, check that the speed sensor of the treadmill is not too far from the magnet (2-3 mm max). Then verify that the sensor is working.
Some sensors, such as the one in Tunturi Platinum treadmills, have a double casing, which makes reading more difficult.
Following the instructions below, it is possible to remove a part of the double casing, without risking damage to the sensor, which remains however covered by dust and external agents.

1) Open the sensor
2) Identify the lower sensor cover (B in the picture)
3) Cut the front part of the lower cover by removing the excess plastic
4) Reassemble the sensor and fix it
5) Still doesn’t work? Buy a replacement sensor here:
You can buy spare parts (REED sensor and magnet) on our treadmill spare parts shop .

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