Sunday, 4 March 2018

DK City, Proteus, Powerfirst, Dream Fitness assistance | do it yourself | Replacement of the elevation motor

Contact us if you need spare parts for the brands DK City, Proteus, Powerfirst, Dream Fitness or any other brand of domestic or gym treadmill. We are able to supply most of the spare parts at competitive prices (boards, running belts, transmission belts, motors, tilt motors, control boards).
For a correct replacement of the elevation motor follow the following procedure:
• turn off the treadmill and disconnect it from the power supply;
• disconnect the electric cables of the elevation motor;
• remove the damaged elevation motor;
• connect the electric cables, including grounding, of the new elevation motor;
• switch on the treadmill and try adjusting the inclination (without fixing the motor to the frame) using the "INCLINE +" and "INCLINE -" keys, making sure that the motor axe turns;
• if the engine works correctly, keep the "INCLINE -" button pressed until the engine reaches the end position;
• press the button again to make sure that the motor does not go further down and the axe does not rotate;
• turn off the treadmill and turn the cylinder on the axe (see Figure) until you reach a L MIN distance defined by the following table; take care not to rotate the central axe; the table also defines the maximum distance of extension of the cylinder with maximum inclination L MAX of the treadmill (data may vary by a few millimeters between different models of treadmill);

• fix the rear bracket of the elevation motor;
• position the hole for inserting the locking screws; it will be necessary to rotate the cylinder with a maximum of ½ turn; take care not to rotate the central axe;
• fasten the fixing screws of the elevation motor;
• calibrate the tilt motor by pressing the "SPEED +", "SPEED -" and "ENTER" buttons at the same time for a few seconds (works on most models). This procedure allows to restore the correct inclination range.

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