Friday 9 March 2018

Halley Fitness Assistance: Noise from the cross trainer (elliptical)

Many problems on cross trainers are caused by imperfect assembly and can be solved easily.
1) check that all parts are correctly and sufficiently tightened (check with the instruction booklet). The nuts and screws must be tightened at regular intervals because they may become loose with use.
2) The joints can be lubricated with vaseline or light grease. Periodically check that the nuts are tight, that they move freely and are well lubricated. It is advisable to use a very light grease or vaseline, avoiding the use of multipurpose oils such as WD-40.
3) In case there is excessive play in the cross trainer arms it may be necessary to add spacers to remove the space that causes noise (click clack) from your cross trainer.
For cross trainers with front flywheel, check also:
1) cleaning of the sliding tracks, which must be subsequently lubricated with a silicone-based spray. Remember to also check the condition and the cleaning of the wheels.
2) alignment of pipes and pedals. Especially during assembly, do not fasten nuts for the tracks and for the front upright. You have to try several times to rotate the pedals and the handlebars by hand and then adjust the position of the front pillar, the handlebars and the tracks so that everything is perfectly aligned.
You can buy spare parts for your repairs on our spare parts shop for treadmills, cross trainers and exercise bikes.

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