Sunday 1 April 2018

Nordictrack assistance: cross trainer noises

Noise is one of the most frequently problems affecting cross trainers and it is often difficult to find the solution. In addition to the other recommendations, which you can find in our blog, it is advisable to proceed as follows, if you hear a noise:
Click clack type noise coming from the pedals.
To check if the noise depends on the play in the connection of the pedal tubes:
- hold the pedal tube marked with the green arrows in the previous image
- force a lateral movement on the tube marked with the red arrows
- this could cause a noise similar to that heard during training. This problem can be solved by adding washers on the pedal axis.
- Check whether by performing the previous test you have a space (marked with the yellow arrow in the image)
- If so, fit thin metal or nylon washers on the pedal axle.
- The minimum number of washers required to reduce the empty space must be added, but it should never be exaggerated otherwise an additional noise may be generated.

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