Friday 23 March 2018

S-3 Service distance – reset oil mark on S51 HRC treadmill

When the oil can mark appears on the computer, follow the below instructions to reset.
Switch the treadmill power on and insert the safety key, computer will be powered on. Then press the INCLINE UP and DOWN buttons together and hold them for 3 seconds. The computer will display “SLEEP SETTING” and “1” blinking.
Then use INCLINE UP and DOWN until the computer displays “SERVICE DISTANCE” and “3”. Press the ENTER button to enter the service distance program and display service mileage on the computer.
If you just want to check service mileage press the STOP button twice and return to the power on status. If you would like to reset service mileage, first press the INCLINE DOWN button then press the ENTER button. The computer will display “0.0” service mileage, then press the STOP button twice, to return to power on status. 

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