Tuesday 6 March 2018

Replacement of the treadmill belt

To replace the belt, follow the next steps:
¬ remove the front casing and the rear roller cover plastic guards;
¬ remove the side footrests;
¬ remove the rear roller:
¬ remove the right-hand adjusting screw of the front roller so that it can be lifted;
¬ unscrew the external screws of the deck;
¬ remove the belt and insert the new one;
¬ tighten the adjusting screw of the front roller and align it correctly so that it is exactly perpendicular to the deck of the treadmill (see Figure);
¬ reposition the rear roller and make a first adjustment of the belt;
¬ rearrange the protections removed and start the treadmill at a low speed to adjust the belt correctly.

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