Sunday 31 December 2017

Comparison of treadmill motors

The graph above shows the consumption in A of a 180V engine compared to a 110V motor. Consumption of 110V motor is much higher than a 180V power motor.

110V Icon Motor
Comparison RPM 110V-180V
The graph above shows the number of turns per minute (RPM) detected on 180V and 110V motors.
A 110V motor at about 20 volts has a spin speed equal to a 180V motor at a 50V working point.
Assuming a 150W load, the consumption of a 180V motor remains at about 3A, while that of a 110V motor is 7.5A, resulting in an increased risk of overheating the motor control board and motor.
For this reason, the use of 110V motors with high loads, in particular walking, should be avoided. Contact our engineers to replace 110V motors with 180V motors on your treadmill.

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