Tuesday 12 December 2017

Error E6 on electric incline treadmill

The E6 error is normally related to the missed / incorrect reading of the motor inclination position signal (VR) and depends on 99% of the tilt motor or on problems in the connections. The motor board directly passes the signal to the console, without any modification. Therefore, the cases of E6 errors dependent on the engine board are rather rare.
The following indications are for Astar treadmill controllers but they can also be replicated for other models.
The operations to be performed if the controller is fitted with an Astar controller & console are:
1) reset + incline down to enter engineering mode
2) press mode 4 times to enter test mode
3) start to start testing mode
4) incline up and down to test inclination
if it moves up and down, check if the ADC value changes (if it does not change, it means that the tilt motor signal is interrupted - broken wire or badly connected)
if it does not move, the motor connections are usually wrong or the motor is stuck or broken, however, check whether LED 2 or LED 3 lights up.
The board makes an auto-tuning at power-up so it may be that the treadmill moves by itself when you install a new controller if the console doesn’t get the VR incline signal.
The console in some cases allows to adjust the inclination, but this adjustment only affects the console and the inclination motor (it may be necessary to do it when changing the incline engine).
On some lower controller cards, there is a special LEARN button to be used for this purpose (press it and power on).
One last note: the inclination motor has a thermal sensor so if you start to go up and down to test the inclination after a while back and forth the engine heats up and goes into protection. You will get then the same error code.
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