Tuesday 5 December 2017

LIEO - PowerFirst Card with Optical Speed Sensor - Replacement with Magnetic Speed Sensor

LIEO / Power First type cards are used on DKN, Carnielli and other treadmills. Controller models are PF 901, PF 902, PF 903, PF 905 and PF 906. Those treadmill controllers have both optical (3-pin) and magnetic (2 pin) connectors for speed sensor.
These boards can be replaced with matching Endex-branded models (the leading brand for treadmill boards).
The signal connectors on the console are identical (7 pin + 5 pin).
If the original board is equipped with a magnetic sensor, there is usually no need for adaptation and you can directly replace it with the Endex controller.
In the case that the original board has a 3-pin optical sensor, it is also necessary to purchase a magnetic speed sensor and a magnet to be used with the replacement card.
The speed sensor is connected to the only 2-pin connector on the new board.
Second step: the front roller should be analyzed. In most cases you will find that it already has a small magnet, in some cases even two magnets (red arrow on the magnet, blue on the compartment prepared for the second magnet).
In this case, it is better to keep one magnet only, because putting two would result in a bumpy speed.
If the magnet is missing, proceed with bonding (with a two-component type glue) the magnet in the seat (if present) or in any other suitable space.
Place the magnet and the sensor so that when the ribbon turns, the magnet moves at about 2/3 mm from the sensor without ever touching it. http://www.partsfortreadmill.com/

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